Montreal promoters go bust, Schumacher gives Mercedes 5 mins warning, Perez must stop fibbing, Kingfisher employee family suicide

It’s race weekend, and for those of you who have only joined us since Singapore, thejudge13, is often a little quieter over race weekends – as the focus of the F1 world is on reporting breaking news – who said what to who – who was fastest in which session, so Friday (or is it now Saturday in Japan) before a race is a good time to try to tie up any loose ends that are worthy of note, but not a full article.

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  1. Sauber CEO says, “Slim Domit has also publically stated that his project with Sauber, regarding the Escuderia Telmex, is a long-term project, so it will not be affected by Sergio’s leaving the team.” Another chess piece in place – Another Mexican to drive for Sauber?
  2. Montreal race promoter declares bankruptcy (Montreal Gazette) More money troubles for Mr. E maybe?
  3. Alguersauri recently started following Force India on twitter – the only team he follows – if your twittered up you can see everyone he’s following (Link)
  4. Vijay Mallya’s Kingfisher airlines grounded and on the brink of financial ruin: “The Economic Times“, Police say wife of emplolyee not paid for months hung herself due to the unbearable financial problems they were facing. Staff have led violent protests. Mmm.
  5. When asked whether Michael would be joining Mercedes in a management type role, Brawn kills stone dead all the stories that suggest this has been offered. “We’ve not discussed that. It’s not something that we’ve explored yet”. Mmm. Old Niki won’t want Brawn’s life long F1 partner around in case they gang up on him.
  6. Poor Martin Whitmarsh has had a tough couple of weeks. Not sure whose coming and whose going and now not sure what’s up or down. When asked how far along the learning curve Sergio was he said, “In fact, Sergio’s about the same age now as Lewis was when he started in Formula One, so he’s some way further down the learning curve”. I’m sure he means “up the learning curve”  – because Perez has 2 more years exprience in an F1 car than Hamitlon did when he first climbed into the McLaren – lets not forget that.
  7. In our examination of Shakespeare and F1 in the article Whitmarsh: It was all about the money we learned the life observation that someone saying something repeatedly can be accused of “protesting too much”. Check out Jon Booth of Marrusia’s response when asked about the appointment of Max Clifford (Chilton even) and whether he’ll take Charles Pic’s place. “We’re in discussions with Charles. He’s done an outstanding job, as you say. He’s had a wonderful rookie year. We’re in talks with his management and we’d love to keep him for 2013. He’s done a great job, particularly in getting quite close to Timo in race situations; I think he’s done a really good job there”. Look out Charles, 3 times in 3 sentences!!!
  8. Clearly I’m missing stuff. I apologise to you all. I’ve been so busy with Lewis, Whitmarsh, Mercedes and Michael I’m missing the big story as reported by portugese written “Total Race” Pastor is in mourning for the death of an elephant named Lucky – I love the caption of him in the car, helmet on and underneath it says, “Pastor thinking about Elephant”? How do they know this???
  9. In the Schumacher Retires – Really? article yesterday I questioned why Michael has waited 6 days to tell us his batteries are low and he was probably retiring anyway regardless of the Hamilton move. My point was it seemed strange if this had been mostly decided for some time, it would have been bundled up with the Lewis/Perez release.  Motor und Auto Sport have an exclusive today saying Schuimacher only told the team 5 minutes before the resignation press conference yesterday his decision. If that’s the case maybe there’s hope yet of a reconsideration or Ferrari calling.
  10. I like this one – McLaren learn from their mistakes and give Lewis a minimal telemetary sheet. Lewis’ is not impressed. (Link)
  11. The Italian press have slated Massa this year. At one poinbt running a national pole rating all the drivers from 1-10. Massa was rated 24th on the list – BEHIND KARTHIKEYAN? Anyway they’ve been quite for a while but today La Stampa is reporting Di Resta is the next in line for Massa’s seat. I’m sorry, but whoever is their F1 writer needs to get a grip, it is in fact Hulkenburg who is playing coy with the media at the moment over “conversatiopns” and poor old Di Resta is looking disconsolate when asked the same.
  12. Bild, our favourite German tabloid, is telling us today that Schumachers post F1 career is likely to be as an aerobatic stunt pilot. Let’s hope on recent form he only does solo displays (sorry, cheap shot I know)
  13. @andrewbensononf1 tweets ,”New McLaren driver @SChecoPerez reveals they approached him ‘a few months ago’. (Telegraph) To all who have given me stick for my Lewis was pushed article. 😀
  14. Further, James Allen has pointed out Perez needs to learn how to deal with the media when he moves to McLaren. Sergio has admitted lying outright when asked a direct question in Singapore about whether he was having ongoing conversations with a major team. Allen suggests he must learn how to ‘elegantly swerve’ certain questions rather than lie. This is exactly why we F1 writers do not take at face value what we are told, hence my article yesterday questioning Martin Whitmarsh (Link)
  15. Ross Brawn maybe be feeling a little down about his second break-up with long term F1 partner Schumacher, but he’s not showing it. A cheeky glance at the rather attractive passing brunette. Norbert’s having a sneaky peek too. (Twtiter). (UPDATE – since I first posted this page 12 hours ago, 40% of the links clicked here have been this one 🙂 )
  16. 2013 season as it stands will have no drivers other than Pedro de la Rosa from the 1990’s barring any surprises!
  17. I love a bit of praxis (post rationalisation of a prior event). Lewis asked if he wanted to emulate Michael Schumacher who went to Ferrari in 1996 when it was uncompetitive and helped to turn the team around Hamilton said, “That’s it exactly”.  Mmm. His response doesn’t persuade me…….about much. (Its chuckle time and he’s so earnest in the video – sorry UK only – bloody international broadcasting rights!!!!)
  18. Sadly, 2 workers at Torro Rosso were electrocuted yesterday, 1 is in a serious condition. (Corriere dell autosport)
  19. I’m going to try this one again. One reader posted a comment suggesting it didn’t get the credit it deserved. “Lawyers for Ecclestone offer cash to settle bribery case“. – Beyond irony.
  20. Alonso doesn’t miss a chance to have a dig at McLaren who he left in acrimonious circumstances. On Lewis leaving McLaren he points out all great champions have done the same, Prost, Senna, himself of couse and now Lewis, he adds the jibe, “and usually for a better life, for good change. McLaren is 14 years not winning the constructors’ championship, most of these years sometimes with the best car, so I’m sure Lewis wants to win as well.” (ESPN)


13 responses to “Montreal promoters go bust, Schumacher gives Mercedes 5 mins warning, Perez must stop fibbing, Kingfisher employee family suicide

  1. Any news on the Torro Rosso engineers that were electrocuted? There is a real lack of coverage given the severity of the incident.

    • Sorry, No. The media in the UK are pretty insular when it comes to reporting stories of teams (other than Ferrari) that are none UK based

      I do trawl the international media, but have seen no more yet on this yet.

  2. So Jaime following Force India in twitter means he’s going there and more importantly that Hulk has signed with Ferrari.
    Excellent investigation job there!
    Defo my favourite F1 blog this one.

    • just read my post and it may sound sarcastic. Just to say I’m not being sarcastic. I really enjoy your blog.

    • Dunno if you’re pulling my proverbial or not.

      If not – spread the word – Tell your friends.

      Its a Friday and I can only do this kind of thing – longer articles require more time and I’ll taking a little of the medicinal later on!

  3. re. “I can’t find the original source yet, but to all who have given me stick for my Lewis was pushed article”, the story is here:

    “…. Pérez denied in Singapore two weeks ago that the Woking team had made any approach but he admits now that he was aware of their interest “for two or three months”.

    “The negotiations started a long time ago,” he says. …. “

    • many thanks for that. I like to prove sources where possible – sometimes if its something I’ve been told its not feasable. Enjoy the race!

    • All that states is that Mclaren were doing their due diligence; Lewis hasn’t signed since approached about signing last year, so it’s obvious they’d have made enquiries about available drivers. MW has indicated PdR and Hulk were also approached. It means nothing. As an F1 team, if you believe that someone is not going to sign, or even if you think they might, you have to have a plan B, C and D.

      The one who was a little economic with the truth was Whitmarsh when he said there was no Plan B, for it was obvious there was, and a C, and a D.

      He wasn’t pushed out of Mclaren, period, and it’s a fools argument to try and state he was. The more that comes out of Woking and Brackley confirms it. Lewis chose to move to Mercedes, even up to a few weeks ago, he hadn’t made his mind up (his words), which are borne true by the fact that if Mclaren had been chasing Perez, they would have signed him months ago and let Lewis go wherever he wanted to.

      Just put some logic to your argument: if they had pushed him out, why were they waiting for him to make the decision?

  4. P.S. I enjoy the Ecclestone offering a bribe to settle the bribe case against him more and more. It’s almost perfect Bernie. However, I think this time money isn’t going to be enough to get him off the hook…

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