Rate the Race: 2018 Monaco Grand Prix

How would you rate the 2018 Monaco GP? Please use the comments section to tell us why you voted the way you did.


9 responses to “Rate the Race: 2018 Monaco Grand Prix

  1. I was on the edge of my seat for the whole race… and didn’t breathe for the final 18 laps.

    If you prefer race drama over crash and bash, this was the best race of the year so far.

    Oh and GO DANNY!

  2. I’m pondering the idea of treating this MGU-K problem like that mythical tree that falls in the rhetorical forest…

    Aside from some very circumstantial evidence and a lot of hysterical hearsay, do we really believe that DR3 had an issue? I call BS.

    Putting aside the real reasons for that curious performance, the race was an embarrassment. How slow can you go and still win in that narrowed-gutted maze of back streets?

    PMSL’d at Seb and Lewis (and their fans) b!tching about it being a boring race – like this year was worse than any others. Outside of incidents / accidents, Monaco has always been rubbish. The drivers enjoy the challenge of the track. Those seeing it in person enjoy the circus. Sucks for rhe rest of us though.

    • Whether it was an MGU-K issue or not, Ricciardo was consistently around 30km/h slower than Vettel at the end of the straights. Whatever happened – the issue was there.

      • I can drive 30km/h slower than the other cars around me whenever I like. That’s hardly conclusive evidence…

        • You’re talking about an F1 race and not a Sunday drive to the park you know…

  3. I gave it a 7. This is obviously due to Ricciardo’s issues and perseverance and Verstappen’s mad catch-up. Other than that I loved the Leclerc moment (yeeees, I’m a crash and bash person), Stroll’s bitching and that thing that’s usually the most exciting in an entire Monaco race (provided there’s no rain of course) and that is the decoration after the race. Yes – overtaking-wise this is always a borefest (except for when it rains or when Verstappen drives from the back) but at least there was some excitement to be found in other areas. Probably one of the better Monaco races, even if it didn’t look like that at first glance.

  4. Gave it a 3. Tyres that have a useful racing life of 10 laps or less, other than for qualifying, have no place in F1 or any other form of top motor racing.

    • Those hypers for quali and for the race rock-hard tyres that last a whole season. The harder they are the better we see the driver abilities

      • F1 needs to look at IndyCar where only 2 compounds are used – hard and soft.

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