Marko hits back at Red Bull’s fresh accusations after Haas submit late protest

There is growing discontent in the Formula One paddock over the enforcement of track limits, particularly after a series of controversial decisions at the United States Grand Prix.

During the event, a total of 35 lap times were wiped off the board due to drivers flouting track limits. One corner in particular became a hotbed of infractions, drawing criticism from teams and drivers alike.

At the heart of the frustration is the perceived inconsistency in the application of penalties. Questions are being asked as to why certain drivers seem to escape punishment, while others are penalised for similar transgressions.


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Marko dismisses late Haas protest over track limits

In an unexpected move, the Haas F1 Team decided to lodge a formal protest almost two weeks after the race, focusing on alleged track limit violations by Red Bull’s Sergio Perez during the event at the Circuit of the Americas.

Haas claims that Perez, and possibly other drivers, repeatedly crossed the line without being penalised. They are calling on the FIA to re-examine the race footage and impose retrospective penalties that could alter the points distribution from the United States Grand Prix.

Red Bull’s Helmut Marko has addressed Haas’ late protest over the United States Grand Prix, suggesting it is unlikely to have any impact on the race result.



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Marko questions timing of protest

Responding to the allegations, Helmut Marko expressed scepticism about the timing and validity of the protest. Speaking to Sky Sports Germany, Marko highlighted procedural timelines that he believes undermine the potential for the protest to be successful.

“As far as I know, there is a certain time limit you have to meet if you want to appeal against the results,” Marko said.

He cast doubt on the new allegations made by Haas, suggesting that the protest may be too little, too late.


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Anticipation of FIA decision

The F1 community now awaits the FIA’s decision, which is not expected until after the current Brazilian Grand Prix. The issue has sparked further controversy as the F1 circus prepares for the season opener in Las Vegas and the season finale in Abu Dhabi.

Marko’s comments reflect a wider feeling in the paddock that the Haas protest, while highlighting the ongoing debate over track limit enforcement, may ultimately have little impact on the championship standings or the outcome of the United States Grand Prix.

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The FIA under the new leadership of Mohammed Ben Sulayem has become front and centre in Formula One for several reasons. Firstly the new president decided he would clamp down on the drivers breaching the ‘no jewellery’ regulation which has been in place for a number of years but not enforced.

This provoked a furious reaction particularly from Lewis Hamilton who went to great lengths to retain his nose piercing producing a medical certificate stating it could…READ MORE ON THIS STORY


One response to “Marko hits back at Red Bull’s fresh accusations after Haas submit late protest

  1. Easy! Make the white line the track limit! Any driver who allows his tyres to cross the entire width of the white line will be penalised, except in extraordinary circumstances – e.g being pushed off by another driver. The white lines must be same width at all circuits. When I was an FIA Race Director, my driver’s briefing always included “The black bit is yours, the green bits are ours.” Race Directors abnd Stewards should be firm but fair when considering penalties.

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