Vettel’s comeback talks confirmed by team

In a surprising turn of events, former Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel is on the verge of a sensational motorsport comeback, possibly as early as 2024. The revelation, which comes directly from the team boss of a prestigious racing outfit, has sparked excitement and speculation among motorsport enthusiasts around the world.

Four time F1 champion Sebastian Vettel made the announcement he would retire from Formula 1 in July last year via an Instagram account he launched. Before the announcement, the German driver had spent his whole F1 career without a social media presence.


Vettel cites family as a primary reason to stop racing

He made it clear that he wanted to spend more time with his family as well as focus on environmental issues, which he had dedicated an increasingly large amount of time to in recent years.

“Next to racing, I grew a family who I love being around. I grew other interests outside of Formula One,” Vettel said. “My passion with racing and Formula One came with lots of time spent away from them, and took a lot of energy.

“Committing to my passion the way I did and the way I thought it was right, no longer went side by side with my wish to be a great father and husband. The energy it took to become one with the car and the team, to chase perfection took focus and commitment. My goals shifted from winning races and fighting for championships to seeing my children grow, passing on my values, helping them up when they fell, listening to them when they needed me.

Perhaps the itch for competition wasn’t quelled by spending more time with his family as it seems that Vettel will likely be back behind the wheel and racing competitively again.


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Vettel comeback

However, Vettel’s anticipated return to the motorsport arena may not see him return to the F1 grid. Instead, the four-time F1 champion, who won back-to-back titles from 2010 to 2013, is considering entering the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Sam Hignett, the Team Principal of the respected British Jota Porsche team, has given an insight into these discussions and revealed that talks with Vettel are indeed underway. He was quoted in Autosport, a sister platform to on the Motorsport Network, as confirming the exciting possibility of Vettel’s return.

“We are talking to Seb. There are discussions, but nothing has been decided yet,” Sam Hignett, team boss of the British Jota Porsche racing team.

However, Hignett was quick to clarify that no official agreement has been reached.

He stated, “”There is no contract that has been signed yet, and he hasn’t tested any of our cars yet…”



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WEC season beckons?

The road to this potential comeback appears to be Vettel’s exploration of the world of endurance racing. Reports from auto motor und sport suggest that Vettel could be testing with a Jota team LMP2 prototype in early October. It is believed that this test session will allow Vettel to experience first-hand the unique demands of endurance racing, specifically in preparation for a possible participation in the Le Mans 24 Hours in 2024.

In addition to Vettel, two other ex-Formula 1 drivers, Jenson Button and Robert Kubica, are being discussed. Vettel ended his Formula 1 career at Aston Martin after the 2022 season. The Heppenheim native has not competed in any other racing series since then.

It was only at the weekend that Vettel ruled out a return to Formula 1 for the time being. “At least not at the moment,” said Vettel: “Formula 1 was the center of my life for so long. But once you’re outside, you realize how much else there is in the world – and how small Formula 1 is Relationship to this is…”

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  1. Vettel makes lots of virtuous family statements, then after one year, reality kicks in. Too hard- back to racing!

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