Vettel F1 shock Red Bull return

“Situation is not yet complete for him” says Marko. The question on the minds of many Formula One fans is whether veteran champion Sebastian Vettel will make a comeback to the sport. Helmut Marko, the influential figure at Red Bull, believes it is a distinct possibility. In an interview with ServusTV, Marko explained why he’s convinced Vettel could return to F1.

According to Marko, Vettel is at a point where he doesn’t know what to do next. He’s without a specific job and is struggling to decide what to do next.


F1’s direction will dictate things

The key question, says Marko, is whether Vettel still has the desire to remain involved in grand prix racing after his F1 career ends in 2022. Marko acknowledges Vettel’s deep-rooted commitment to the environment and sustainable living, which could potentially influence his decision.

However, Marko recognises the challenge of reconciling Vettel’s environmental awareness with the current Formula One landscape, which is predominantly based on internal combustion engines and petrol. He notes that Vettel’s comeback will depend on his ability to reconcile his ideals with the direction F1 is taking.

Marko says: “I think Sebastian feels somehow without a specific task at the moment, doesn’t know exactly what he should do. He has to make a decision somewhere.”




F1 drive, but not at Red Bull

Marko firmly believes that Vettel’s F1 journey is far from over. While he dismisses the idea of Vettel returning to Red Bull alongside Max Verstappen, citing existing contracts that run for a considerable period of time, he does see potential for a comeback with a top team.

 “Well, next to Verstappen, I honestly don’t want to do that to him. And now we have contracts. They’re still going for a relatively long time. Perez is fixed until 2024.” said Marko.



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Top team or nothing for Vettel

As for the Red Bull Group’s second Formula One team, AlphaTauri, Marko doesn’t see a Vettel reunion on the horizon either. Pointing to Daniel Ricciardo’s experience as the current driver there, he suggests that if Vettel were to make a comeback, it would likely be with a top-tier team with aspirations of challenging for wins.

 “We already have an experienced driver in Daniel Ricciardo. And when Sebastian comes back, I think he just wants to be in a top team and drive for victories again,” claims Marko.



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Vettel running a team?

A few months ago, Marko floated the idea of Vettel returning to F1 in a different capacity – perhaps at the helm of a team in a management role. This concept, Marko said in an interview with the YouTube channel, remains a possibility, saying that something like that “could possibly be considered,” Marko said

But it depends on Vettel’s decision-making process, a decision that could shape the next phase of his relationship with Formula One.

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UPDATE: Vettel to drive at Red Bull

Vettel will return to the Nürburgring. The four-time world champion, who retired at the end of last year, will drive an RB7 at a Red Bull show event on Saturday on the legendary Nordschleife.

Vettel celebrated his second world title in this car in 2011. The former Formula 1 car is fueled with synthetic fuel, which is important to the man from Germany.

At the end of his career, Vettel became increasingly committed to sustainability.

“One day I’ll be racing through the green hell in my Red Bull car with e-fuels. I’m looking forward to it,” he said.


Former Formula 1 drivers such as Gerhard Berger, Ralf Schumacher and David Coulthard are also at the start of the “Red Bull Formula Nürburgring”.

Formula 1 races were held on the extremely dangerous Nordschleife, the infamous “Green Hell”, until Niki Lauda’s terrible fire accident in 1976. The racing series later returned to a newly built Grand Prix track in the Eifel until 2013. At that time Vettel won.


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