Red Bull latest budget cap fate after £6m fine

In the world of Formula One, where precision and performance are paramount, finances are also important. The budget cap controversy that rocked the 2021 F1 season culminated in a £6 million fine for reigning champions Red Bull.

However, recent developments have seen Red Bull escape further punishment following a review of its 2021 finances.



The 2021 budget cap controversy

Red Bull’s season in 2021 was marked not only by their on-track success, but also by a budget cap controversy that left a lasting impression. As champions of that season, their £1.8 million breach of the budget cap raised questions about fairness, competition and compliance with financial regulations.

The FIA’s response, Formula One’s governing body, took swift action in response to the budget breach. In addition to the £6 million fine imposed on Red Bull, they also imposed a 10 per cent reduction in the team’s wind tunnel time.

These penalties were met with mixed reactions from the F1 community. While some rival team bosses expressed their concerns, others questioned the validity of the Constructors’ Championship.

Notably, Red Bull avoided a retrospective points deduction, allowing them to retain their championship status.


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Red Bull’s continued dominance

Red Bull’s dominance in Formula One has been nothing short of remarkable. Their championship win in 2021 was part of an unprecedented period of success, raising the question of whether their breach of the budget cap played a part in their achievements.


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A defender of Verstappen

Throughout this period of dominance, Max Verstappen has emerged as a central figure. Despite criticism and debate over the impact of his team’s financial transgressions, Verstappen’s talent and skill have shone through.

Former F1 champion Jacques Villeneuve has been a passionate defender of Verstappen, praising his ability to work with his team to get the best out of the car. Villeneuve insisted that Verstappen’s talent should not be hindered and hailed his remarkable achievements.

“Who cares if it’s good for the sport? He’s amazing. That’s it. You should not stop that. He’s managed to do it better than anybody else. He’s managed to work with his engineer and his team to turn the car into a second skin,” Villeneuve told RacingNews365.



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“When you have that, you just sit in the car and you don’t even think. The car does whatever you want it to. That’s why every year Sergio Perez for two or three races, [the thought is that] he can beat Max.

“But then Max works and gets the car to do what he wants. Then he destroys Perez. And that makes a difference. I had that end of 1996 and 1997. I would jump in the car and think: ‘I know the car can do this,’ and it does it.”


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Verstappen’s unprecedented run

Max Verstappen’s performance in the 2021 and 2022 seasons has been nothing short of extraordinary with this 2023 season nearly tied up already.

Verstappen’s incredible consistency is underlined by his remarkable run of ten consecutive victories. He has firmly established himself as one of the sport’s greats and his achievements continue to rewrite the history books.

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