Verstappen on rumour

In the world of Formula One, few debates are as perennial as the one about team-mate competitiveness. This debate took a fascinating turn when Max Verstappen, the double Formula One World Champion, found himself at the centre of a persistent rumour mill suggesting that Red Bull might be favouring him with a superior F1 car over his teammate Sergio Pérez.

The speculation about Verstappen’s alleged car advantage came from all corners of the F1 world. It was raised by the generally well-respected F1 commentator and former driver Martin Brundle, then inadvertently fuelled by Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc, and recently revived by Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff.


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Wolff was puzzled by the gap between Verstappen and Pérez, describing it as “strange” and even “bizarre”. Verstappen currently holds a commanding 138-point lead over his Mexican team-mate in the Drivers’ Championship.



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Verstappen hits back at Wolff

Wolff’s comments didn’t go down well with Verstappen, who vehemently denied the suggestions in a media interview ahead of the Italian Grand Prix at Monza. Dismissing the speculation as “bullshit comments”, he clearly rejected the idea that he was being given preferential treatment.

Instead, Verstappen stressed that he is focused on driving the car to the best of his ability, regardless of any conspiracies or speculation. He spoke of his commitment to pushing the current car, as well as those from previous seasons, to their limits.

His mantra was clear: “I don’t come to tell the guys to do more for me because that’s the way I like it. In essence, Verstappen was expressing his confidence in the Red Bull mechanics and their ability to build a competitive car.

Verstappen’s communication with the Red Bull team is straightforward: “Design the fastest car and I’ll adapt to it.” He emphasised the evolving nature of F1 cars, which change in subtle ways each year, making adaptability a key component of his driving style.


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Proof in the pudding

That adaptability has obviously paid off for the Dutchman. He has won the title in each of the last two seasons and now looks set for another triumph in the 2023 RB19. Verstappen’s dominance of the sport has left little room for challengers to dethrone him.

In the high-stakes world of F1, where teammates are often closely matched, questions about car parity are inevitable. Verstappen’s vehement rejection of claims of preferential treatment highlights his commitment to winning races based on skill and adaptability, rather than any perceived car advantage.

As the F1 season unfolds, the debate over teammates and cars will undoubtedly continue, but for Verstappen, it’s all about the pursuit of excellence behind the wheel, regardless of the whispers of conspiracy.

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3 responses to “Verstappen on rumour

  1. Dear Lewis, idd you think Max’ team mates are too far off, why don’t you date to take challenge and join Red Bull. You’ve had the chance twice now.
    Money can’t be an issue, is it?

    • No. Lewis won’t dare. In 2021, in an inferior car Verstappen swept the floor with Lewis. But for the cheating spiced up engine and dozens of violations that went unpunished by the stewards, Lewis was nowhere close.
      In equal machinery, Lewis will be shown up as worse than all of Verstappen’s codrivers.
      Then the bubble of Goat will burst. There will be nothing for the hambois to scream over.
      They, Ham and Toto will all be silenced. And his propped up image will collapse. His army of supporters in the press will go out of a job. SKY will be shown up for what it is.
      So, no… he won’r dare!

    • He also had the chance to join Ferrari. Or any other team. Just to show HE is the winning factor and not the car. He would become a legend if he became WDC with Ferrari or … .

      But he does not and will never do. Because deep inside he knows… ‘it always was the car, not me’.

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