Ferrari slams Leclerc

Vasseur admits that Leclerc is sometimes impulsive in a surprising set of statements to the Italian press. Scuderia Ferrari boss Frederic Vasseur has admitted that Charles Leclerc has been too impulsive in his reactions during the first part of the season, slamming their driver openly as a response to when Leclerc criticised his team in front of the media, most notably in Canada last June.

In qualifying in Montreal, Charles Leclerc was eliminated in Q2 following a mistake by his team, who fitted his car with Intermediate tyres that were simply not ready (in temperature) when he needed them, and the Monegasque was unable to complete a fast lap in his final attempt.


Canada: Leclerc explodes over the radio

Immediately Leclerc let his anger explode on the radio and did not hide his frustration in the media interviews immediately after the session: “We’ll have a discussion, once again, it remains within the team,” the Ferrari driver told Canal+.

“I’m really not happy today, once again. There are other drivers who did the same as me and got through to Q3, so that creates frustration and we have to be better than that, but I’ve been saying that for a long time now, so it’s starting to get a little frustrating and I hope to be listened to a little more in the future.”

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Ferrari reacts, praising Sainz

Speaking in an interview with Italy’s Gazzetta Dello Sport, Ferrari team boss Frederic Vasseur admitted that Charles Leclerc is an impulsive driver and that his ‘hot-headed’ reactions in front of the media can only harm the team.

“Charles wasn’t expecting a season like this and at the start he pushed harder than he should have. Now he seems to have come to terms with the situation a little better,” said Vasseur of his driver.

“Carlos [Sainz] for his part is very consistent and for that reason he is a good reference for us.”

“In terms of character, Leclerc is impulsive, and if something goes wrong, he doesn’t hold back. However, for his own good and that of the team, it’s sometimes better to calm down before speaking out.”

“On the spot, you don’t have all the information you need to make a definitive judgement and in front of an open microphone it’s better to take your time.”


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Sainz more consistent 

The Monegasque’s impulsive nature in no way detracts from his talent, but Vasseur acknowledges that Carlos Sainz has come much closer to his team-mate this season, particularly in qualifying on Saturday.

“He [Leclerc] is always quick, but this year if we look at qualifying, Carlos was more up to his standards than in the past,” added the Frenchman.

In the Drivers’ World Championship, ahead of the Dutch GP on August 27, Charles Leclerc is fifth with 99 points so far this year, level on points with Mercedes driver George Russell. Carlos Sainz is seventh, seven points behind his team-mate.

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  1. So sad to see how a young talentfull driver is jammed into a mold where he must be so politically correct, always! And is never allowed to be honest or critical. Imagine all drivers would be like that. All the same, colorless, grey, uniform, pr trained handpuppets……. terrible!

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