Verstappen on Perez situation “not perfect, but when it’s good, it’s very good”

Max Verstappen is pleased with the positive development of his friend and McLaren driver Lando Norris. Verstappen has always recognised Norris’ potential and he’s pleased to see his fellow British man in a competitive car that matches his ability. Verstappen’s team-mate, Sergio Pérez, also praises McLaren’s progress and stresses the need for continued hard work for Red Bull to stay ahead.

Verstappen is genuinely pleased with McLaren’s resurgence this season, seeing some competition to his dominance. The team has gone from underperforming at the start of the season to challenging for podium finishes, even Red Bull team mate Sergio Perez is impressed. 


McLaren threat

Verstappen describes McLaren’s progress throughout the season as “remarkable”. He doesn’t find Norris’ form in the MCL60 surprising and says:

“It’s incredible to see McLaren’s journey from Bahrain to where they are now. But Lando’s exceptional performance isn’t unexpected,” as quoted by Verstappen highlights Norris’ commendable performance, noting, “It doesn’t surprise me. It’s nice to see that with a competitive car you can achieve remarkable results, as evidenced by his two P2 finishes here.”


Perez concurs 

Pérez, Verstappen’s team-mate, is also full of praise for McLaren’s progress. He highlights the impressive progress the team has made in recent races, particularly on different tracks. Pérez believes that Norris’ presence on the podium will become a more common threat to their dominance.

He adds, “The progress they’ve made in the last two races, on very different tracks, is impressive. From their performance in Bahrain and even before Silverstone, their transformation is significant. I expect Lando Norris to continue to shine…”



Verstappen on Perez: Not perfect

Verstappen goes on to address questions about his teammate Pérez’s performance. After a strong start to the season, Pérez has experienced a dip in form, failing to qualify for Q3 in five races.

Verstappen stands by his teammate and acknowledges the recent improvement since the Hungarian Grand Prix. He highlights the team’s collective achievements in securing victories in every race so far and maintaining top positions in the championship.

Verstappen asserts that perfection is elusive, but acknowledges the value of commendable performances. He emphasises the importance of continued effort and growth. Verstappen comments, “Our performance this season has been positive overall. We’ve won every race and we’re leading the championship.

“It may not be flawless, but the important thing is that when things are really good, they’re good. The key is to keep working to improve. Difficult moments offer lessons that contribute to your personal growth and development as a driver. That’s the nature of the journey.”




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