Norris breaks silence on rumours

After a challenging start to the season, Lando Norris is finding his stride with McLaren, securing two consecutive second-place finishes. As his performance improves, speculations about the 23-year-old’s future in Formula 1 have been gaining momentum.

Media reports suggest that several teams have shown interest in Norris. Red Bull has openly expressed their admiration for the talented driver, while there have been rumours of a preliminary contract with Ferrari


Norris dismisses paddock whispers

However, Norris was quick to dismiss these rumours during a recent interview with “Channel 4.” He commented,

“I often see it on social media, this nonsense, a lot of people just make things up.”

Despite not yet clinching his first Formula 1 victory, Norris remains positive about his journey with McLaren. He understands that winning races takes time, effort, and dedication, which is exactly what he signed up for.

“I would be happier if we were winning races, but I also know that it takes time and a lot of effort and dedication. That’s what I signed up for,” he added.


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McLaren CEO fears Norris leaving

Zak Brown, the CEO of McLaren, believes the team has what it takes to keep Norris in their ranks despite fear that the young driver could leave.

Norris is currently under a lengthy contract with McLaren, meaning any potential suitors would need to pay a substantial sum for the privilege of signing him. Brown is optimistic that, with the right conditions, Norris will continue to thrive within the papaya-colored team.

“I think the way you keep him is you give him a good race car,” Brown expressed in an interview with Sky Sports.

The CEO emphasised that as long as McLaren continues to provide Norris with a competitive car every season, he will remain committed to the team. Norris has developed a strong affinity for the McLaren environment and the team, and he has been on a remarkable journey with them.



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Brown confident  Norris will stay

While the start of the year posed challenges for the team, Norris’ recent achievements have been outstanding, with impressive qualifying performances securing him fifth, second, and third positions. Brown is confident that as long as they maintain this level of performance, Norris will be more than content to continue his journey with McLaren.

“Obviously we were all a bit frustrated at the start of the year, but now two seconds on the trot, he’s qualified fifth, second and third. So I think as long as we keep doing that, then he’ll stick around,” said Brown.


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Norris: McLaren ‘are the right team’

Regarding his long-term future with the British racing team, Norris stated that he is not currently focused on it. McLaren gave him the opportunity to make his Formula 1 debut in 2019 after an impressive performance in Formula 2, and since then, he has achieved podium finishes in eight races.

While he is determined to succeed with McLaren, Norris acknowledged that winning races will require continued progress. He expressed confidence in the team’s ability to deliver and emphasised, “I’m definitely with the right team and with the team I want to win with.”

As McLaren’s form shows promising improvement, Norris’s satisfaction with the team is likely to grow. However, the real test will be how the team responds if their development faces challenges or changes direction. For now, the young star remains focused on delivering strong performances and chasing that elusive Formula 1 victory.

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