Horner slams Hamilton petulant criticism

Lewis Hamilton cut a disconsolate figure in the paddock following a disappointing pair of Friday practice sessions at the 2023 Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix. The British Champion refused to run in practice one as the rain made track conditions difficult.

In the afternoon Hamilton ran just 14 laps and finished in a lowly sixteenth position while his team mate George Russell completed 23 laps but on a single set of used medium tyres but finished bottom of the time sheets.



Mercedes gap to Red Bull difficult to close

The Mercedes’ drivers both told assembled media that they hoped as in past weekends the overnight analysis back at base in the simulator wold yield a better day on Saturday.

However the increasingly downbeat Hamilton had previously commented that he believed the gap between Mercedes and Red Bull Racing was becoming difficult to close and criticised the FIA’s handling of the world champions cost cap breach form 2022.

Lewis suggested the penalties handed out to Red Bull were so minimal it would be an incentive for others to break the F1 cost cap in future.



Hamilton say Red Bull penalty insufficient

Speaking to Sky F1 Lewis claimed, “It’s definitely a concern. I mean, there wasn’t really a big punishment last time.

“There will be people that will probably go for it again and know they’re just going to get a slap on the wrist.”

Red Bull were handed the second largest fine ever issued by the FIA to a Formula One team for their “minor breach” of the spending regulations in 2022. In addition to the $7m punishment the team were also penalised in their development capabilities b y losing an extra 10% of aerodynamic testing time.

Mercedes clarify Hamilton’s comments



Russell calls for stricter penalty

Given the dominance of the RB19 over the rest of the F1 field which is delivered by its superior aerodynamics, Mercedes has their drivers on message questioning whether the technical penalty issued by the FIA was harsh enough.

George Russell too has called on F1’s governing body to be more draconian in cracking down on any teams to have surpassed the budget cap.

“If anyone has breached any regulation, you want the punishment to represent the crime and I think there were breaches last year and clearly the punishment didn’t fit the crime.

“We don’t want to see that happen again. If it’s a second-time offender, the punishment should be even greater than what is perhaps a fair punishment if it happens two years in a row.”



F1 teams agreed FIA penalties

Off course the F1 teams signed off the financial regulations the FIA brought in to level the playing field by restricting the maximum spend the teams can make each year.

Further, it was the teams who helped define the criteria for a “minor breach” and the associated penalties in the FIA’s armoury.

Brundle comments on Perez startling



Horner’s terse response

Christian Horner has reacted tersely today to the criticism from the Mercedes duo.

“Believe me, the hit we’ve taken with the lack of wind tunnel time compared to our competitors is a massive compromise,” Horner tells the Mirror.

“If wind tunnels don’t count, why don’t we just get rid of them?”

Red Bull ‘dodge’ wind tunnel penalty



Mercedes underperforming says Haorner

In a dig at how poorly Mercedes have handled the new technical regulations the Red Bull boss concludes:

“It’s easy to throw shade when you’re not performing. It’s one of the things in Formula 1 that will always continue to happen. I’m just incredibly proud of the job our teams are doing with the constraints and the handicap we have.”

Unlike the rest of the field Red Bull have brought just one significant upgrade to their RB19 this season, with the revised letter box side pods on display this weekend in Hungary.

FIA president new war of words



Red Bull approach in season development differently 

The team have preferred to work with a stable platform and continually develop the set up of the car on a known platform to see how it reacts in to different track temperatures and configurations.

Whilst Hamilton and Russell have questioned the restricted tyre allocation trial being run this weekend at the Hungaroring, Horner responds “its the same for everyone.”

In final practice before qualifying, a late run from Lewis Hamilton put him on top of the timesheets as Verstappen admitted on team radio he was struggling. Hamilton has won eight times at the Hungarorig which is an F1 record for a driver at a single circuit which the British driver shares with Michael Schumacher.

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