Verstappen: Surprising statement about Alonso

Rather surprisingly on the eve of the Monaco Grand Prix, Max Verstappen wants to see Fernando Alonso win again in F1. Can Fernando Alonso claim his 33rd Formula 1 victory this Sunday at the Monaco Grand Prix? The Spaniard starts from second on the grid alongside Max Verstappen and certainly has a decent chance.

Reigning world champion Max Verstappen admits that he would like to see Fernando Alonso win again in Formula 1, but the Red Bull driver also rather likes to win and will certainly not be doing his rival any favours this Sunday in Monaco.


Alonso chance of a win at Monaco

Max Verstappen will start from pole position at the Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday, after beating Spain’s Fernando Alonso by 84 thousandths in qualifying on the streets of the Principality on Saturday. Fernando Alonso, for his part, has not won a Formula 1 race since his switch to Ferrari ten years ago, and is still chasing a 33rd F1 victory.

The two-time world champion – who will start from second on the grid this Sunday – jokingly admitted that he will need a little help from Max Verstappen if he hopes to win in the Principality as overtaking is so difficult.

“I think we need Max’s help, but we can’t take it for granted either that all three cars will finish the race without any problems. This is Monaco, it’s going to be demanding,” said the Spaniard on Saturday at the post-qualifying press conference in Monte Carlo.

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Verstappen could ‘help’ Alonso win?

When Max Verstappen was jokingly asked if he could “help” Fernando Alonso to win this Sunday in the streets of the Principality, the Dutchman replied with a smile: “I’d like to see Fernando win, but I’d also like to see myself win. It’s difficult, I’ll think about it.”

When asked how he feels about being pushed to the limit by the 41-year-old two-time world champion, as was the case in qualifying in Monaco on Saturday, Verstappen insisted that he has always had a great deal of respect for the Spaniard, whom he has admired for some years now.



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“It’s no surprise to me, I grew up watching Fernando in F1 and I liked his style and the fact that he’s still here at 41, it’s very impressive and I think it’s a great example for people.”

“If you stay committed, believe in yourself, believe in the opportunities that come to you, then you can show things like he is doing at the moment. But of course you also need a lot of natural raw talent to do that.”

The two men will meet side by side on the grid for Sunday’s Monaco Grand Prix, which gets underway at 14:00 (BST). The drivers will set off for 78 laps, and the race can be followed live on our website at this address.

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  1. Both are equally deserving. Has there ever been a deadheat in F1? I haven’t heard anything like that. If it by chance happens today, it will be historic from many points of view.

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