Huge Ferrari donation

Ferrari donates one million euros for the victims in Italy. In recent days, northern Italy has been hit by deadly floods, with the death toll now standing at thirteen, and the damage is considerable.

Following the deadly floods that have hit the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy in recent days, Ferrari has decided to donate one million euros to the Territorial Security and Civil Protection Agency.

The funds will be used, with the coordination of the territorial authorities, to help the local population affected by the recent floods, with particular emphasis on environmental recovery and hydrogeological instability management projects.

“In times of difficulty, Ferrari has always supported its community,” said Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna.

“We wanted to provide a concrete and immediate response to the most urgent needs of the population of Emilia Romagna, which has been affected by a serious environmental disaster.”

“With the coordination of the local authorities, to whom our sincere thanks go for their tireless work, this aid will bring comfort and a tangible sign of the solidarity of the entire Ferrari family.”



Deaths from the flooding

The death toll from the floods in northern Italy has now risen to 13, while the extensive damage has been estimated in the billions. In some places, the equivalent of six months’ rainfall fell in 24 hours.

More than 100,000 people had to leave their homes, while huge areas of farmland were also submerged. Bridges collapsed and as many as 400 roads collapsed.

The deadly floods have led to the cancellation of the Emilia Romagna Formula One Grand Prix, which was due to be held at Imola this weekend. The 2023 event will most likely be postponed until 2026.


Imola rescheduled for 2026

Indeed, with the Formula 1 championship calendar already very busy this year with 23 Grands Prix on the programme, it seems unlikely that the Formula 1 championship will be able to find an available slot for Imola this season.

The Emilia Romagna Grand Prix’s contract with Formula One runs until 2025 and it would therefore be more sensible to extend the current contract by another year so that the 2023 event – which was cancelled at the last minute due to force majeure – can be rescheduled for the 2026 season.

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