Russell on ‘pathetic’ Verstappen

For George Russell, Max Verstappen’s reaction was “pathetic” during the Baku post race interviews. In Baku, George Russell hit the side of Max Verstappen’s Red Bull in Saturday’s sprint race while trying to overtake the Dutchman at the start.

The two F1 stars had verbally clashed after the sprint in Baku: Verstappen accused Russel of overtaking him somewhat impetuously and thus robbing him of the chance to win. The Dutchman vented his displeasure by calling Russell a “dickhead” in the paddock.

During the buildup to the Miami Grand Prix, Russell has generally tried to downplay the rivalry between himself and Verstappen, stating that there’s no need to talk and everything is fine, until yesterday the Mercedes driver spoke further about Max’s reaction.



“Princess George”

Max was asked about the wisdom of putting his car on the outside of the corner when racing side-by-side in the Baku post-race media interviews.

The Red Bull driver was quick to respond saying: “It’s not allowed because Princess George is there? That’s ultimately his problem!”

Contemporary usage of the word princess describes someone who has a sense of entitlement, can be high maintenance and sees things from their perspective.

“He tells me ‘yeah I got cold tyres’. We all have cold tyres – that’s not an excuse.” continues Max.

“I don’t like it when somebody has that kind of reaction about… ‘I didn’t do anything wrong’ – and then just walks off.”



Russell reacts

When told about Verstappen’s comments Russell states: “I don’t need an apology at all…”

“But he’s a two-time World Champion, leading the Championship again at the moment. It doesn’t bother me, but he probably lets himself down a little bit with those sort of comments.

But despite what some of the media have been reporting over the past few days, the relationship between the two men is as good as ever insists Russell, and that he did not need to clarify anything with Max Verstappen as the matter is now in the past.




The discussion continues in Miami

During Thursday’s press conference, Russell continued to downplay things when quizzed about the war of words between himself and Max.

“I will continue to race as I always have. A lot of things have been said about that discussion [between Verstappen and Russell as they got out of the car in Baku], but from my side it’s pretty straightforward,” the Mercedes driver said in Miami on Thursday.


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Miami Friday practice sparks more comment

On Friday, Formula 1 World Champion Max Verstappen was still remarkably calm when he said on the sidelines of the Miami Grand Prix that his argument with Mercedes driver George Russell after the race in Baku was no longer an issue. A statement that Russell would obviously sign – but there was still a side blow.

“You learn it as a child: If you want to dish it out, then you have to be able to take it,” Sky quoted Russell as saying when asked about Verstappen’s verbal lapse after the sprint race in Azerbaijan.

“He’s done a lot of things like that before and he’s tough to race and it’s a bit pathetic to see his mouth running away, even though it was the first time he’s got anything back in that respect,” the Englishman now explained.

“For me it was just good, exciting racing and basically the only thing that had happened all weekend.”



Air is clear, but not taking ‘bullshit’

His driving in Baku was “actually quite normal”, Russell said, further trying to make clear nothing unusually occurred in Baku.

“I tried a manoeuvre, pulled it off and then moved on. He was pissed, but that’s racing and these things happen. We’re all here to fight.”

Although Russell couldn’t resist a reaction to Verstappen’s “pathetic” abuse, the Mercedes driver sees no reason to now declare a deep-rooted feud between himself and the double world champion. Verstappen is a “great driver” whom he respects, Russell said.

“If he walks past me, I’ll say hello to him and I’m sure we’ll shake hands when we meet. For me, I’m done with that and my view of him is still the same.”

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3 responses to “Russell on ‘pathetic’ Verstappen

  1. Russell is proving to be the perfect counterpart for Hamilton, If Hamilton is not on hand to destroy Verstappen’s race, you can expect Russell to complete the job. With Mercedes Assistance FIA (MAFIA) there is no fear of punishment.
    Russell’s words sound as if they are direct from Ham’s mouth – political, arrogant, refusing to
    accept responsibility. A simple sorry would have defused the situation.
    I feel sorry for Verstappen. All MB drivers have this ulterior plan to ruin his race, or hurt him,
    or both.

  2. Perfectly explained by VIJAY, both MERCEDES drivers talk as if they are protected by an invisible force where they can do or say anything and get away. That’s very nasty indeed.

  3. Princess George would be much better off focusing on beating his teammate than constantly whining about how fast the Redbulls are. He’s getting a reputation of being the biggest moaner on the grid.

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