Ex boss compares Schumi and Verstappen

Several parallels claim Jean Todt as the former Ferrari boss and FIA president compares Schumi and Verstappen. Jean Todt, the former FIA president and long-time confidant of Michael Schumacher, has compared the Formula 1 record world champion with current high-flyer Max Verstappen and identified several parallels between the German and the Dutchman.

When it comes to Formula 1 matters, Jean Todt continues to be a man in demand. Even if the long-time F1 team boss, who celebrated his greatest successes together with Michael Schumacher at Ferrari and was last active as FIA boss from 2009 to 2021, currently no longer holds an office in the top class of motorsport.



Max is a fighter, like Schumacher

For Todt continues to keep a close eye on Formula One and is currently watching Max Verstappen prepare to claim his third world championship title.

“He is fast, he lacks almost nothing. Moreover, he is a fighter like Michael (Schumacher),” the Frenchman told Corriere della Sera about the sporting qualities of the young Red Bull driver.


“It’s only on a human basis that I know him too little to be able to judge him more accurately,” Todt added.

Meanwhile, Todt had more to say about Schumacher, with whom he celebrated five drivers’ and five constructors’ world championships.




Michael was very shy

“Michael could seem a bit conceited and obnoxious when he was on the road,” the 77-year-old explained, adding, “But that was an attitude that served to hide his shyness.” – a trait perhaps not often attributed to Max Verstappen!

The German, who disappeared from the public eye after a serious skiing accident at the end of 2013, had always been modest during his time as a Formula One driver and had always questioned himself, he said.



Schumacher never blamed the team

“He never blamed the team, not even when the brakes broke at Silverstone because of us,” Todt said, looking back to 1999, when Schumacher crashed into a stack of tyres at high speed in the British Grand Prix due to defective rear brakes, broke his leg and had to bury his title ambitions.


He did not draw any comparisons, Todt continued, but then indirectly did so anyway:

“But he and Max have one thing in common. They drive for the best team and that helps.”


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Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc could be top level

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc could also be on the same level, if the Scuderia had not been struggling with problems again and again recently.

“In F1 there are the good guys and a small group of very good drivers, and Leclerc is one of them,” Todt praised.



Ferrari still one of the best teams

 “Without winning a title, but they won races. Ferrari has remained, since I left, one of the best teams in F1. “

“Something is missing, it is the protagonist but not yet for the championship. Let’s give them time to show that they are able to take the last step.”

Mattia Binotto was replaced by Fred Vasseur as team principal this season, while there have been several other changes among key personnel at Maranello in the early stages of 2023 too.



Todt insisted that Ferrari must employ the best staff:

“Not just technicians. It is imperative to have the best in every area,

“A company is judged by the front door. From the way an operator answers the phone. You have to take the best ones and then coordinate them by creating a fertile environment.”

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  1. To be honest, Max is more like Senna than Schumi. All said and done, Schumacher was a very unfair driver (1994 and 1997 finales). Max, like Senna is extremely fair. Remember 1990 final was a result of 1990 final when Prost had ensured that Senna doesn’t win the title and as such was a payback and not an unfair incident. The drive to win is there in many drivers and can’t be a point of similarity between drivers.

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