“…you have no business in F1”

At German carmaker Audi, the Formula 1 project is already casting huge portents. In 2026, the brand wants to enter the top class of motorsport, and 240 employees have already been assembled for this purpose. Project boss Adam Baker now spoke about the ambitious goals Audi is pursuing with its F1 entry.

In an interview with Germany’s Sport Bild, the 48-year-old, who has also worked for BMW in Formula 1, emphasised the ambition of the entire group with which the Formula 1 project has been pursued since last year:

“Motorsport is part of Audi’s DNA. And of course a brand like this doesn’t get into Formula One to chase. We want to be successful. That’s the aspiration, otherwise you have no business in the sport.”


According to the Australian, who has also held German citizenship for five years, everyone in the Audi team is aware of the proven strength of the competition.

“But there will be profound changes in the technical regulations for the power unit and chassis. It’s a challenge for everyone, not just for us. It opens up the opportunity for us as newcomers to be competitive faster,” Baker elaborated.

The budget cap, which applies to all constructors in Formula 1, is also an advantage for the newcomer, as it guarantees “reliable financial planning”. Baker emphasises: “Without that, entry would not have been so attractive.”



Audi project boss “super proud” of F1 entry

The sporting objectives for the first seasons in the premier class have also been clearly formulated. According to the project manager, Audi’s first priority in 2026 will be “to achieve the highest possible reliability”.


After that, the aim is to move steadily up the rankings, as Baker explained: “Our goal is to be among the front runners in the third year. To do that, we need a top engine.”

The entire team wants to prove in Formula 1 what “Made in Germany” stands for.

According to Baker, this is for “a reliable drive unit at the highest level. We are super proud that there is once again a German facility to participate in Formula 1.”

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