New Ferrari boss ignores driver contracts

Vasseur has other priorities than driver contracts at Ferrari. With both Formula 1 drivers under contract until the end of the 2024 season, contract negotiations are definitely not a priority for new Scuderia Ferrari boss Frederic Vasseur says the Frenchman, who will be ignoring that aspect of his new role for the time being.

The new head of Scuderia Ferrari, Fred Vasseur, believes that negotiations concerning the possible renewal of the two drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz beyond the 2024 season are absolutely not a priority at the beginning of the season.


The Frenchman, who has only been at Maranello for a few weeks, wants to concentrate on the fundamental problems to try and make the Italian team more competitive from the start of the new season and talking about the future of the two drivers beyond the 2024 season is not a priority for him.



Bigger issues to resolve…

“I know both drivers quite well and I think we still have some time before we start talking about the future. For me today it is not a number one priority,” said Vasseur in his first media appearance as Ferrari boss last week in Maranello.

“We have to start the season well, then there will be time for the rest. I think it would be a mistake to start negotiations at a time when the priority is otherwise.”

“I don’t want to put this subject on the table today, I think it would not be a good way to start the collaboration. We need to focus on the sporting side to get results. It’s a bit like a marriage, if both sides of the table are happy, we’ll continue.”


“But I don’t think that’s the priority today. We have a good relationship and we will have time to discuss it. I think the only thing we need to focus on is performance to get results.”

Scuderia Ferrari will present its new car on February 14 at an event broadcast live from its Maranello factory in Italy.

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