Hamilton blames Mercedes team

Lewis Hamilton unleashes an unexpected outburst. Finishing sixth in the Formula 1 World Championship, his worst finish since his debut, Lewis Hamilton has had a tough season. Hoping to do better next year, the seven-time world champion has returned to this difficult season and blamed his team.

After losing the final race of the year in 2021, which cost him the title to Max Verstappen, and the numerous problems with his Mercedes in 2022, Lewis Hamilton is hoping for a calmer season in 2023. And his engineers would be well advised to give him that chance based on recent comments…


Enjoying the middle of the grid battles

Surprising as it may seem, Lewis Hamilton has no bad memories of his difficult season, at least on the record. On the contrary, in an interview with Motorsport, he admits that he enjoyed battling with the other teams, especially his former team McLaren:

“I felt a real appreciation for all the other teams that are trying to do the same thing, with the same intentions, trying to be better and fighting for something. I like to see what McLaren are doing, I always check where they are because that’s where I started and I always wish them good luck, even if they are my rivals.

“There are days when they are far away and I feel sad for them. I want – a little, but not too much! – I hope they have a better year next year”.



Attacking his Mercedes design team

Also in comments reported by Motorsport, Lewis Hamilton says his poor season was down to his engineers:

“I had a tough time because my engineers designed a car that clearly wasn’t capable of fighting at the front.”

It has to be said that for the first time in his career, Lewis Hamilton finished a season without a pole position and without winning a Grand Prix.

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  1. Easy to blame everyone else isn’t it . Just shows what a good sport and team player he is !

    • Easy for people like you to say things like this when you fall for Click-bait headlines even when the Headline doesn’t even match the whole Article

    • Good sport and Hamilton are not even parallel lines that meet at infinity, but skew lines that diverge more, the farther they go. He is an evil curse on F1, a fake champion, a fake woke and has a super ego for such a hollow person. It isn’t suprising at all that he puts the blame elsewhere. He has proved conclusively that he is nothing and it’s all the car.

      • Vijay we get you hate Hamilton & you are a Verstappen Fan just grow up geez….

        The whole article isn’t even him blaming the Team though you are just blind with hatred and just fell for the click-bait

  2. Not the whole article is about him blaming or attacking the Team so this is kind of a Click-bait Headline but you just want to make Lewis look the Bad Guy, so this doesn’t kind of surprise me at all

  3. “I had a tough time because my engineers designed a car that clearly wasn’t capable of fighting at the front.”
    So he is NOT a hands on as he would like to show, just wait to get the machinery to go and race, real champions develop the car WITH the engineers and spend time talking with them

  4. We blacks know there is people who don’t like us ddoing well please leave Hamilton alone and you don’t talk about your stupid stubborn driver

    • Why do you have to play the racial card? Is that a racist comment? You may not like but have you noticed that everybody like Lewis dad? And last time I checked he is black.

  5. Y’know you’re a poor journalist when you write an article that doesn’t match your headline. 😂😂

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