Webber makes excuses for Piastri

Piastri will need time to adapt to F1 says the young Australian’s manager, Mark Webber. The young Oscar Piastri will make his Formula 1 debut in 2023 as a regular in the McLaren team. According to Webber, the Australian will need some time to adapt to his new environment as the ex Formula 1 driver makes excuses for Piastri.

Former F1 driver Mark Webber says it will take some time for the reserved Oscar Piastri to find his feet in his first season in Formula One.


Oscar Piastri will make his Formula 1 championship debut this year with McLaren as a direct replacement for his compatriot Daniel Ricciardo, who was sacked by the team a year earlier than expected.

For Mark Webber, who is managing Piastri’s career, the young Australian will bring a very different atmosphere to McLaren from Daniel Ricciardo in 2023.


Webber makes excuses for Piastri

“He’s quite different to Daniel [Ricciardo]. I think Oscar is quite reserved,” Mark Webber told Speedcafe.

“I would say everyone has their own character. Sebastian [Vettel] as world champion was very different to what he was at the end of his career. Charles [Leclerc], Max [Verstappen], they all have their own little idiosyncrasies and style in the way they go about it.”



Although the young Australian has already had the opportunity to drive in a Formula 1 car on several occasions since the start of his career (always in private tests), Webber believes that his youngster will need time to adapt to his new environment at McLaren.

Indeed time and space will be required for Piastri if he is to have a chance to thrive in Formula 1. Certainly, Mark Weber seems to be making some excuses for his youngster even before a wheel is turned.

“Oscar is new to the sport, he’ll be doing his first season next year. It doesn’t matter what kind of driver you are, obviously you need time to get used to the sport and everything that it represents with the travel, the media.”

“When Lando [Norris] came in he made himself very humble but vocal, same with Daniel [Ricciardo] at HRT and Toro Rosso for a while. But Oscar is very reserved, incredibly professional, diligent – that’s what we’ve seen in all the lower categories – he’s very economical with his words.”


In 2023, McLaren will therefore be relying on a very young driver pairing with a now 23-year-old Lando Norris and an Oscar Piastri two years his junior.

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2 responses to “Webber makes excuses for Piastri

  1. Webber making excuses for piastre will be story in every f1 race he is not ready for f1 and to throw another Australian in ricciardo under the bus is not Australian and Webber and piastre should be ashamed of there self piastre needed a year or two at hass or Williams I personally won’t be watching f1 next year as I think it’s a joke and the biggest un Australian thing I have ever see I hope piastre crashes and mclaren finish last in 2023 I will not support piastre or Webber that are a joke

    • What a bizarre comment. On a side note, Piastri is ready and going straight to McLaren is better for him than messing about at the back. He should have been in the McLaren last year

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