Schumacher now tipped to replace Hamilton

The Formula One driver market was predicted to see minimal activity in 2022. Then the surprise retirement of Sebastian Vettel set in motion one of the craziest driver recruitment periods in recent F1 history. However, Haas F1 kept its German driver guessing until the last race of the season as to whether his two year contract with the American team would be renewed.

In the end team boss Gunther Steiner regained control of the driver decisions and persuaded team owner Gene Haas to return to his preferred formula of running two experienced drivers by ditching Mick Schumacher and engaging Nico Hulkenberg.



Wolff signs the son of an F1 icon

Toto Wolff had intervened during the very public debate over Haas and Schumacher claiming the young German had earned his right to drive in Formula One.

The Mercedes team boss put his money where his mouth was when Schumacher became a free agent and recruited him as the team’s reserve driver. Mick will assist with the development of the W214 car, provide simulator feedback and even deputise for either Russell of Hamilton if necessary.

Yet there are those who believe the recruitment of Mick Schumacher my Mercedes was not a sentimental nod to the team’s relationship with his father. Mercedes have a problem in that they don’t know how long Lewis Hamilton will want to continue racing in F1.



Hamilton flirts with retirement

The British driver has flirted with the notion retirement in a number of press conferences however his recent position is he wants a multi-year contract with the Silver Arrows. Hamilton has enough good will with the team to demand his own contract term yet if all does not go well, he could still chose to retire suddenly as did Sebastian Vettel.

Ex-F1 racer and uncle of Mick Schumacher is bullish about his nephew returning to racing as early as in 2024.

“Something could also happen at Mercedes,” Ralf Schumacher toldSport1. “Let’s say George Russell is faster than Lewis Hamilton again. Does he want to continue at all? That will be exciting.


Hamilton can write his own contract

“But Lewis has so much credit with Mercedes that he can decide for himself. In any case, the money won’t play a role for him. He has more than enough of it. What will be decisive is who suits the new car better.

“Lewis Hamilton is still an absolute top driver, but he is no longer the youngest. The ravages of time are wearing on him, so you never know. I think it’s a win-win situation for the team and Mick.

“Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has already said that Mick belongs in a regular cockpit with his skills. I think there could be interesting possibilities in 2024. Mercedes not only has its own team, but also partner teams where you can have an influence.”



Mick looking to return in 2024

Of course Mercedes may miss the mark again with the W14 and even slip into the clutches of Alpine or McLaren. Hamilton may be motivated as long as his car is nailed on for a top 5 finish, but as with Sebastian Vettel when that battle becomes for the minor points, the German demonstrated this was not enough.

George Russell outscored Hamilton on merit in 2022 and there’s no reason to believe he can’t do it again, however the W14 would have to be spectacularly bad for Lewis to quit at the end of next season.

In reality Mick Schumacher will be looking for a return to the grid in 2024 with a team other than Mercedes in the hope of keeping his fledging F1 career alive.

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  1. Headliner is *extremely* misleading. Are you implying Hamilton is retiring purely for clicks? Pretty disappointed in you if so

  2. Well, I’m surely hoping that hamilton takes all his SJW causes and just fades away like his speed on track. Can’t wait to see a competitive driver challenging GR for greater honours. But then MB will have to get Lando Norris asap

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