Russell reveals Hamilton relationship

While Mercedes has been dominant in recent seasons, the 2022 season has been a resounding failure. The German team was overtaken by Red Bull, which was untouchable this season, and finished third in the constructors’ standings. However, Mercedes can be pleased with the good relationship between its two British drivers.

For the first time in over a decade, Mercedes finished outside the top two places in the constructors’ standings. Third behind Ferrari and Red Bull, the German team missed out on the season and could even have had a blank season before George Russell won in Brazil. The young British driver and his compatriot Lewis Hamilton are aiming for a return to success in 2023.


“We’re working hand in hand”

While Lewis Hamilton has not always had a good relationship with his team-mates, it seems to be in good shape with his young compatriot George Russell, who said:

“If you’re fighting for the double, there’s a slightly different dynamic, and that’s only natural. But the advantage we have is that we are at very different stages of our careers, so we are working hand in hand.

“If next year we have a car capable of doing the double, we will be extremely proud of the fact that we have helped the team achieve that together,” he said in a statement reported by



“We have a good relationship”

For the first time in his career, Lewis Hamilton has not won a single Formula One Grand Prix in a season, while George Russell has won just once, in Brazil. A disappointing sporting record that has not affected the relationship between the two drivers:

“We have no reason to be in conflict. We have a good relationship. We have to respect each other, and I think we respected each other in Mexico, for example.

“We know how important that is in the team. If our relationship cracks, it affects the team and ultimately it affects us as well. I think we can continue to build on that, and our relationship will probably even get closer as time goes on,” concluded George Russell.



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  1. Already Wolff is talking about Russell winning WDCs AFTER Hamilton retires.
    Poor Russell, he will never get the car to match his team mate. Wolff will see to it and the
    so-called self-declared “best sportsman” will watch smugly.
    There is not just one, but two dogs in the manger. My heart goes out to Russell, the only one out there to match Max in sheer talent.

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