First F1 car launch revealed for 2023

While Fernando Alonso said last week he felt there new F1 regulations had not delivered there is a new buzz around the sport of Formula One. Pirelli demonstrated that a combination of the reduced aerodynamics at the rear of the car together with the new 18 inch wheels saw ‘proper’ overtaking saw by over 30%.

Yet despite Ferrari’s early promise winning 2 of the first three events in 2022, the real story of who had mastered the biggest aero regulations in 40 years is obvious from the statistics. Red Bull racing won 17 of the 22 Grand Prix with Ferrari claiming 4 victories and George Russell his maiden podium top step for Mercedes.



Aston Martin reveal 2023 car launch

Verstappen also took 2 of the 3 sprint races with Russell gain chalking 1 up for the former world champions.

There regulations will alter somewhat again for 2023 though whether this will close up the midfield to the top three is yet to be seen.

During the week before Christmas the beginning of the next Formula One season seems ages away, though Aston Martin have given us an early present and some hope by announcing the launch date for their 2023 F1 car on February 13th.

The rest of the grid have so far revealed no date for their car release publicity events though we do know the names of some of the 2023 contenders.



Ferrari F1 car names not predictable

Ferrari tend to avoid the predictable chassis and number abbreviation that is increased by 1 each year. Their 2022 car was the F-75 celebrating the teams’ 75th anniversary.

The car names chosen by teams are often rather predictable, the trusted pairing of the chassis abbreviation and number, that goes up by one each year, doing the trick.

Mercedes have confirmed their car will supersede the woeful W13 from 2022 and be the W14. Aston Martin too will name their car the AMR23 though Red Bull racing who created the RB18 this season have yet to say whether next years contender will be the RB19.



Audi will be absent

The rest of the teams are also to release the names of their chassis, though given Alpha Romeo are clinging on as team sponsor for Sauber it is unlikely the Audi brand will be in view until least 2024.

Haas F1 have a new title sponsor Monogram ad this may see the chassis initials reflect this new and substantial influence on the American team.

Gone are the days when the teams went to Jerez mid February for a 4 day shakedown other new prototype cars – then off to Barcelona for another two sets of 4 days testing.



Just 3 days of testing in 2023

Due to the new regulations for 2022 the teams were allowed six pre-season test days, though this will be slashed to just 3 for 2023.

The Bahrain test schedule will take place from Thursday 23rd Feb – Saturday 25th February and the opening grand prix of the season will take place the following weekend.

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