Alonso reveals his future plans

Fernando Alonso has no plan B for after F1. Although he is the oldest driver on the Formula 1 grid (41 years old), two-time world champion Fernando Alonso has no intention of hanging up his gloves and helmet, quite the contrary…

Two-time F1 world champion Fernando Alonso admits he has not yet thought about what he will do once his Formula 1 championship career is over.

In 2023, Fernando Alonso will begin his 20th season in Formula One as a regular with the Aston Martin team, which he will join next year after spending the last two years with Alpine. The 41-year-old is the oldest driver on the grid in Formula One and when asked if he has ever thought about the post-F1 era, the two-time world champion admits he has “no plan B” and that the thought of staying at home scares him.



“I don’t have a plan B. I’ve been a racer all my life and I’m only good at it because I haven’t learned anything else,” the Aston Martin driver told AMUS.

“My life has always been about motorsport and what I do best in sport is driving. If one day I have to retire from Formula 1, I will do other races [in other categories].”

“Getting a win in the Dakar would still be a challenge, because nobody has done it in this combination before. But staying at home scares me.”


Alonso a team boss in F1?

When asked about the idea of one day becoming a team boss in Formula 1, the Spaniard replied, “I’m not going to close the doors, but it’s not at the top of my wish list at the moment.”

“Our job also involves a lot of travelling. You can put up with that because you’re doing a job you love, but if I had to travel to do something I didn’t really love, my internal battery would run out quickly.”


In July 2023, Fernando Alonso will turn 42, but the two-time world champion plans to continue doing what he loves most in the world for at least another three years, meaning he could be on the Formula 1 grid by the time he is 45.

“Stopping completely, I never thought about that. As long as I feel I can still give 100% [I will continue]. So, certainly another two or three years.”

“At my age, I have to approach a lot of things differently: training, travelling, events…Formula 1 is asking more and more and you have to be well organised not to give up.”

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