Steiner defends Schumacher dealings

Team boss Günther Steiner defends himself against criticism of his handling of Schumacher. The US racing team decided against working with Mick Schumacher again and will instead rely on Nico Hülkenberg in 2023. Haas only revealed its decision before the last race of the Formula 1 season in Abu Dhabi last week, a move that has caused much criticism from some in the German media. 

The Haas manager was repeatedly accused of making life unnecessarily difficult for the 23-year-old with stalling tactics and thus putting him under additional pressure.

In an interview with Sport Bild, Steiner defended himself against these accusations, which were voiced by ex-racing drivers such as Timo Glock, Hans-Joachim Stuck or Mick’s uncle Ralf Schumacher, among others.


“There was no delay…”

“We didn’t play around for three months that we knew and not tell him. We looked for a long time what is best for us and took our time. It was not a delay,” stressed Steiner, who had lost a lot of popularity among German Formula 1 supporters in recent weeks. This position seems to be at odds with what Nico Hulkenberg let slip last weekend READ MORE ON THIS STORY


As reported by Sport Bild, Mick Schumacher’s departure from Haas had been planned for months. According to the report, there were no concrete contract negotiations between the team and Schumacher’s side at any time.

Even in the summer months, when Michael Schumacher’s son had even finished in the top ten twice, there had been no efforts whatsoever on the part of the team management.


Even in the summer months, when Michael Schumacher’s son had even finished in the top ten twice, there had been no efforts whatsoever on the part of the team management.

Mick Schumacher was not officially informed of Haas’ decision to replace him with the German veteran Nico Hülkenberg until after the latter had signed his contract.

Before that, Schumacher had only been able to speculate about his imminent end at the eighth-placed team. “I’m sure he suspected something, he doesn’t live behind the moon,” said Haas team boss Steiner.



Hulkenberg was told of Haas seat in the summer

Behind the scenes those responsible had been working on a plan B for quite some time and told Hulkenberg the seat was almost certainly his.

“It came about after the summer, during the summer break.” revealed Nico.

“Mick then suddenly performed better and was given time. And it all took longer and longer…” 

Hulkenberg performed his first duties for the Haas team with the Abu Dhabi test after the last Grand Prix of the season and Mick Schumachers permanent departure.




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  1. Sorry Mr Steiner your explanation is a lot of crape as you Mr Steiner wanted to sign Nico in 2017 and couldn’t. Mr Steiner you also were not happy with Ferrari as they forced you to sign Mick as he was a Ferrari junior driver. All of you seem to forget that Mick now had two rookie years in F 1 with the regulation changes with a CAR that has no pace at all. Your team’s strategies were also questionable during races and decisions made. Mick is not to be blamed alone but still he out qualified Kevin the past races. Yes he had the accidents in the beginning of the year. Easy to talk when your not behind the wheel and not giving a young driver support instead of putting him under pressure and to keep quite about decisions already made about his future.
    Shameless MR STEINER.
    F 1 is becoming a joke.

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