Magnussen wanted Hulkenberg to “bugger off”

The 2022 Formula One season has lacked some of its regular driver on driver war of words. Of course events at Silverstone and in Monza last season spiced matters up between the title contenders Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. However, 2023 looks more promising particularly as two drivers with previous form are reunited as team mates.

With 9 laps to go at the 2017 Hungarian GP Kevin Magnussen in his Haas forced Nico Hulkenberg’s Renault off the track. The German subsequently had to retire his car due to issues with the brakes and gearbox.



K-Mag runs Hulk off the track

K-Mag was adjudicated to be a fault by the stewards and handed a 5 second time penalty. 

During the post race media event Hulkenberg interrupted Magnussen who was being interviewed and sarcastically congratulated him for being “the most unsporting driver on the grid”.






Magnussen “suck my balls”

Magnussen instinctively replied “suck my balls, mate” which of course received a huge amount of attention.

Kevin speaking to F1Apex in March this year explained how he felt Nico Hulkenberg had held a grudge against him since that day.

Asked about the “suck my balls comment” Magnussen explained, “He interrupted an interview and it was pretty disrespectful.”

“I didn’t think about what I was going to say but I just wanted him to bugger off and that was what came to mind.”

“I think he asked for it .”

“I think Nico took out really personally and he still doesn’t ever talk to me. I think he really holds a grudge.”



F1 fate interenes

In a bizarre twist of fate, just a few short months after that interview, Haas F1 reveal Nico Hulkenberg is about to become K-Mag’s team mate for 2023.

Hulkenberg há been asked about the matter following the Abu Dhabi F1 season finale. “I expect [us] to have a good relationship,” said Nico.

“We’ve cleared that incident and have broken the ice – at the beginning of this year actually.

“I said hello to him with his exact same words from 2017 and he felt that was quite funny and amusing. I have absolutely no worries working and racing alongside him.

“I think we are both grown-up adults. We respect each other and we will race for the team so no problems whatsoever.”



Nico to drive Haas in Abu Dhabi test

Hulkenberg will drive the Haas at the Pirelli test in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday and he concluded, “The most important thing for tomorrow is just for me to obviously, get my head around F1 and this Haas car to understand it,” said the 35-year-old.

“It’s a bit of a head start for next year. Three days of pre-season testing is not a lot before the first event so it is just for me a little teaser to get a feel for this car and how the system works, the driver fits, a lot of the basics that you can clear and get out of the way.

“And also, already have a look at the car and where the performance is – what is good and what we need to maybe focus on.”

Hulkenberg and Magnussen are both now married with children and Nico joked about his a new found harmony with his Haas team mate, “Yeah, we can exchange experiences on which diaper brand is good and we have some similarities there!”

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