Vettel: F1 is failing

Four-time Formula 1 world champion Sebastian Vettel calls for a “moral code” for sport and appeals to the major federations and organisations to impose more external control.

It must be “precisely defined what the basic political conditions must be for sport to be allowed to take place in a country. Certain things and certain countries are then simply no longer possible,” said Vettel in an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung.


According to Vettel, FIFA and Formula One must “consistently demand the implementation of the demands they formulate in flowery words”, regardless of economic factors. At the moment, however, it is “unfortunately still the case that you get away with it as an organiser if you take a few pretty photos as an accompaniment.”


Formula 1 is failing

That is why the associations should be measured concretely against their formulated goals, Vettel explained.

“Formula 1 has set itself the goal of being climate-neutral by 2030. That’s all well and good. But why doesn’t it have itself checked by an independent and critical authority on the way there? In order to then live with the consequences and possible penalties, whatever they may look like then?”, Vettel explained and summed up the problem:

“At the moment, unfortunately, it’s like this: Formula 1 controls Formula 1, and FIFA controls FIFA.”



Further, the Aston Martin driver warned the motorsport pinnacle of a creeping loss of importance ahead of its final race in Abu Dhabi despite the global boom.

“The way we deal with resources, we are not a role model, we would have to be much more economical. If that is not the case soon, the question will very quickly arise worldwide as to whether Formula 1 is still sustainable,” said the 35-year-old:

“And then interest is likely to decline everywhere, as has already happened in Germany.”


In view of the climate crisis, however, every sport will have to justify itself more in future “for the way in which it is held”, Vettel believes: “Every major event has to reinvent itself and look at how it can leave a smaller footprint.”



3 responses to “Vettel: F1 is failing

  1. The sanctimonious oaf! Under the pretext of sustainability, he is taking pot shots at countries like Saudi Arabia which are against his favoritism for gays. Instead, I would say those who do not agree with the stand of such countries need not race there.
    Vettel does not lead the Woke bandwagon which has been monopolised by Hamilton. He therefore likes to take advantage of the limelight by sharing that platform. No wonder he is now pally with Hamilton. So hypocritical.

  2. If football wasn’t going to Qatar would we be considering whether its human rights record is good or bad? To some extent going there has been a good thing.

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