Vertappen rages

Since the last Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen has been in the eye of the storm. His behaviour with Sergio Pérez, teammate at Red Bull, and his refusal to let him pass means the two-time Dutch world champion has come in for a lot of criticism. However, Verstappen felt that this was too much and did not hesitate to express his anger.

While Max Verstappen is already assured of being world champion this year, his Red Bull teammate Sergio Pérez is fighting with Charles Leclerc for second place. The Dutchman is not necessarily ready to help the Mexican, as shown by his behaviour during the last Brazilian Grand Prix.

Indeed, Verstappen refused to let Pérez pass, which also gave him extra points in the standings. The result was a big controversy and a lot of criticism.


“I always put the team first”

Following the wave of hatred towards him, Max Verstappen spoke out. Reported by Motorsport, the Red Bull driver was annoyed, saying:

“Nothing had been said to me about a position exchange or anything else. It was only on the last lap that it was said on the radio. They should have known my answer with what I had already said a week before,

“After the race we had a good discussion, we put everything on the table and everything was settled. In hindsight we should have had this conversation earlier, because I was never a bad teammate to anyone,

“I’ve always been very helpful and the team knows that. I always put the team first because at the end of the day it’s a team effort.”



“It’s just not acceptable”

“After that race I had a very bad image in the media,” says the Dutchman,

“They didn’t have a clear vision but frankly, to put me down like that immediately, it’s pretty ridiculous. Because they don’t know how I work with the team, what the team likes about me,

“Everything I read was sickening. Even worse, they started to attack my family, they threatened my mother, my girlfriend, my father, and for me it’s going too far when you don’t know what really happened. It really has to stop. If they have a problem with me, no problem, but they don’t go after my family because it’s just not acceptable,” Verstappen added.

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  1. When your mother gets her point of view in the frame she puts herself up for criticism, especially with the type of remark she made about Checo’s behaviour. She’s let us know how Max was brought up too.

  2. Seeing the “courage” with which the team has defended its orders, I think they should change their name to Red Ox…

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