Alonso responds to “Hamilton titles of less value” accusations

For a Formula One driver of Fernando Alonso’s experience at times it appears he is less media savvy than some believe. The Spaniard has taken ton twitter today stating he is “tired of the continuous search for headlines” in response to comments he made in an suggesting world titles won against other teams are of more value than an intra-team contest.

Given the fact Alonso had referenced Lewis Hamilton in particular during his comments, it was not unusual for various media outlets to suggests this was the result of the ongoing bad blood between the Spaniard and the Brit.


Titles fought between just one team are of less value

Fernando argued that Verstappen’s winning 2021 set in the context of 7 Mercedes consecutive previous F1 driver championships was of greater value than some of Lewis Hamilton’s where both he and his team mate in the fastest car were competing for the F1 drivers’ title.

Fernando battled Kimi Raikkonen in a McLaren and Michael Schumacher in a ferrari for both his titles while driving for Renault in 2005/6.

Alonso had told a dutch media outlet De Telegraaf, “This year Max is very dominant and he could cruise to the world title,” he said.“Last season it was different. I thought he performed better than Lewis in the end and therefore I think he is a worthy champion.



Alonso claims respect for Hamilton

“I also have a lot of respect for Lewis. However, it is different when you win seven world titles when you have only had to fight with your team-mate.

“Then I think a championship has less value than when you have fewer titles, but against other drivers you have had to contend with equivalent or even better equipment.

“In 2005 and 2006, I had a good start to the year myself and was able to create a lead. Then others might have had a better car, but I was able to manage that gap.

“I never had to fight with my teammate to win those titles. Nor did I see Max fighting with [Sergio] Perez or [Alex] Albon to win races.



Schumacher and Hamilton fought mostly with team mates

“But Schumacher in particular fought with his teammate to become champion five times in a row and Hamilton fought with Rosberg and [Valtteri] Bottas. That’s different, I think.”

TJ13 reported Fernando’s comments and looked at where the bad blood between him and Lewis Hamilton began.

Having read the headlines of his own making it appears Fernando wants to deflect attention from his own opinions. Alonso has hit out at the media outlets claiming they are just in a “search for headlines”.

Fernando wrote on twitter, “Please, all the titles are amazing, well deserved and inspiring. Incomparable to each other and let’s enjoy champions and legends of our current time. Tired of the continuous search for headlines. Let’s enjoy them.”



Alonso: A slippery but loveable character

Theory 1: Alonso did not know how his words world be reported and is hitting out at the media.

Theory 2: Fernando knew exactly how his views would be written up, was happy about it, and is merely attempting to be seen in a different light while the debate he set raging continues.

You decide

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  1. Maybe! But of course, you have to remember that Sir Lewis has been perfect every day of all of his life.

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