Aston Martin F1 hit with FIA penalty

Following the announcement of Formula One team Red Bull’s $7m fin and a 10% reduction in aero testing hours for 12 months, the FIA announced the penalty for Aston Martin. The Silverstone based team were accused of procedural errors when the FIA revealed which teams had complied with the 2021 financial regulations.

Earlier this season Williams committed a procedural breach by filing its documents late to the FIA and received a $25,000 fine.



Both teams submissions adjusted by FIA

Both Red Bull and Aston Martin’s submissions were adjusted by the FIA for categorisation purposes or t include items the teams felt were outside the budget cap regulations.

In a statement issued on Friday morning, the FIA explained that Aston Martin had “inaccurately excluded and/or adjusted costs in the calculation of its relevant costs.” 

These related to its new HQ, wind tunnel additional fees and costs relating to its new F1 simulator. However, even adjusted for these items Aston Martin remained within the budget cost cap.



Administrative error

Even so these administrative errors saw the FIA slap Aston with a $450,000 fine.

Red Bull however were deemed to have overspent by $2.2m and received a much harsher penalty.

The FIA said there was “no accusation or evidence” that Aston Martin had “sought at any time to act in bad faith, dishonesty or in a fraudulent manner” throughout the process.

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One response to “Aston Martin F1 hit with FIA penalty

  1. I’m curious why you post a $2.2m overspend when FIA said it was only $500k after the tax issues were properly applied?

    Aston Martin shared how much infrastructure with its engine supplier? Hence taking the financial hit so the engine supplier would not have to.
    Ferrari did the same.
    It’s part of the game.

    Cmon, you guys used to dig deep and call a spade a spade. Now it’s regurgitation of Martin Brundles hatred of anything that isn’t Mercedes.

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