Lando Norris reveals talks with Red Bull

Lando Norris signed a new contract with McLaren F1 that will see the British driver remain with the Woking based outfit until the end of the 2025 Formula One season. At the time Sergio Pérez only contracted to Red Bull until the end of this season. McLaren have failed to win a title for 14 years since Lewis Hamilton’s drivers’ championship in 2008.

F1 commentators questioned Norris long term commitment to a team who have failed to deliver their historic success in the modern era.

McLaren won 8 F1 constructors titles between 1974 and 1988 and 12 driver titles from 1974 to Hamilton’s win in 2008.



Norris long term commitment to McLaren raises eyebrows

So for Norris to commit the next three years of his promising Formula One career raised eyebrows amongst F1 commentators.

When asked about the ‘doubters’, Norris accused them of being “clueless”.

“I don’t know why… everyone thinks they know, he definitely could have gone here, he could have done that,” he added. “McLaren is the best place for me.”

Ahead of the US GP, Lando Norris speaks to German publication AMuS again about why he has committed his prime years to McLaren F1.

“I believe in us. We’ve reached a point where we have a better understanding of what we need to do. What direction we need to take and how to achieve our goals,”

“We also have a better understanding of why we haven’t taken as many steps forward as we wanted to over the last two years.”



Lando masters the difficult to drive McLaren F1 car

Norris appears to question the current car philosophy which Daniel Ricciardo and Carlos Sainz before him have found so difficult to master. Further, the young Brit reveals the team has a 3 year programme to build an infrastructure that will be similar to the current top F1 teams.

“Is it because of our vehicle philosophy? By design? At the wind tunnel? I hope our new one will help us for 2024 and 2025. I have to have faith that my team can do a good job. [2024] will be our first year in which we have no more excuses.”

“At the moment we can still come up with good excuses. Believe me, nobody likes to say that we had the best possible weekend and that we’re behind for the reasons just mentioned. 

“We always look at what we can do better. 2024 will be the first year in which we operate with our infrastructure almost at the level of the top teams. The rest is then up to us, the people who work here.”



Norris threatens McLaren with a deadline

Norris reference to excuses would appear to suggest if the team isn’t delivering a car for him set pole positions and compete for race wins he will look elsewhere for an F1 drive.

In a more shocking revelation Norris reveals prior to Perez signing a new contract with Red Bull this season, he had talks with the Milton Keynes squad, presumably for 2023.

“But that just shows even more how much confidence I have in McLaren. Although there were talks [with Red Bull], I felt McLaren was better for me to achieve my goals,” he added.

“I’m super happy and comfortable. I enjoy it at McLaren. I enjoy working with the guys. I believe in them. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have signed a long-term contract. My head is looking ahead. My ideas are long-term. We have to keep working continuously. In 2024 and 2025, I will then have my best chance with McLaren.”



Lando a big fish in a small McLaren pond

It could be Norris looked at how tough it was for the established Daniel Riccardo to deal with the young upstart Max Verstappen when the Aussie was the senior driver for Red Bull.

So being a big fish in a small McLaren pond appears to suit Norris view of how he should progress his career. 

The Brit has seen off 8 time race winner Daniel Ricciardo, despite Norris yet looking for his first new race win.

Norris new team mate Oscar Pisatri will be an F1 rookie in 2022, and it should be relatively easy for Lando to stay top dog within the team as the young Australian learns his craft in his first season of Formula One.

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