Mercedes penalised by Singapore stewards

Jewellery gate rumbles on in Formula One as the stewards considered breaches by Mercedes long after the Singapore qualifying session had finished. Lewis has been fighting a running battle with the FIA throughout the season, claiming it is culturally relevant that he wears certain forms of jewellery, implying discrimination when being told to follow the ‘no jewellery in the cockpit” rule that has been around for the best part of a decade.

Hamilton was pictured during FP3 with his nose piercing in. Something he has not worn since the FIA crackdown at the Belgian GP.

The FIA were considering two breaches by Mercedes:


Hamilton investigated

Firstly the driver breaching the jewellery rules and secondly the improperly completed self declaration of compliance to the scrutiniseers.

Ted Kravitz revealed, “It seems to be – and I don’t have this on any sort of confirmed authority – when Lewis was on holiday in the states between Monza and here [Singapore] he re pierced his nose and put their piercing [stud] back in.”

“He was then advised not to take it out – I dunno if it got infected or something.”

“He knew he had to come and declare the car in line with the scrutineers.”


Mercedes break the rules too

Mercedes then put their self certified scrutineering form into the stewards declaring they were in line with all scrutineering requirements. Of course they weren’t because Lewis was wearing jewellery.

Kravitz added, “Is there a breach? Clearly. Yes clearly Lewis had a nose piercing in but he might get away with that….. Mercedes declared there car in line with scrutineering regulations – it was not – so clearly there’s going to be a penalty for that.”



Lewis claims its a health issue

Hamilton was asked in the drivers’ media pen how come the nose pin was back in.

“It got infected loads of times when I was trying to find a solution. I went back to the clinic and that’s the best way for it to heal.”

“For me its a health [matter] so that’s the way it is and that’s the way its going to have to stay,” said Hamilton

The stewards in the end decided not to p[unish Hamilton, but have fined Mercedes 25,000 Euros for filing an improper scrutineering self declaration form.

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6 responses to “Mercedes penalised by Singapore stewards

  1. Myself and some friends who used to be avid followers of F1 now have found that this season has really been the worst we can remember. After the fiasco at the end of last year and the continual drama this year with the owners, managers and the drivers, where is the sport in F1 now ? We are now giving F1 a miss. This has been boiling up for ages and we were all hoping things would get sorted out. Not a chance. The whole of the so called sport needs sorting out, from the top down,

  2. Earlier this year Hamilton lied and said his penis was pierced and it was a welded piercing…and that’s why he could not follow the rules…. Only to later admit that he had lied and there was no piercing there, nor did he have a welded piercing…

    I don’t believe anything he says. He is a race baiting liar.

  3. Once again the sterile 2022-stewards made the wrong decision. Hamilrella is behaving like a naughty child and is an absolute disgrace to the sport. At least Alonso called it 😡

  4. Why cant we just let them race !!!! If they want to wear jewellery let them … its there body after all

  5. F1 would be better off without Hamilton and Toto, they are both spoilt brats who spit the dummy and lie to get their own way…………where is the classiness of Schumi, Rindt, Stewart, etc??? It’s just a rabble now, next they’ll introduce rap as F1 music…..

  6. Omg. Cutural reasons… poppycock. Never in my travels have i heard of men with nose piercing to be a cultural item. Bones throu the nose etc yes. But a metal stud no. Does he think the world are idiots! As far as infections.. keep it clean and use strole tools. I understand the issue with no jewlery items as if the have an acident and need emergancy scans and operation. The metal can and is dangerous and tkes away valuable time to check and remove them. I know as i myself use to have piecings only to have removed them now due to a number of scans and procedures i jusr decided to remove them. Hamilton you are a professional athlete that sets the example for many younger people. Time to grow up and show the people that following safety rules is the right thing to do!. Once you leave the sport retire etc you can do what you want to your body who cares. I say that is the true reason you refused medical attention for the high inpact crash tbh which again is a bad example. The respect for you is going down the toilet tbh

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