Ferrari livery change for Monza, for good luck?

Despite their woeful season and catalogue of operation mistakes during the race weekends of 2022, Ferrari are hoping for ‘luck’ at this year’s Formula One Italian GP in Monza. The cars will run the iconic ‘F lunga’ logo on the rear wing of the F1-75 together with other retro tweaks that will evoke the era of Ferrari under Enzo the team’s founder.

The team’s changes which include yellow flashes added to the front wing, halo, front wing and wing endplates are being made to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Monza circuit which debuted racing in 1922.

Couresty of Racefans

Monza has been the home of the Italian GP since the inception of Formula One in 1950, bar one season. The Cathedral of speed is one of F1’s iconic venues and despite organisational and financial difficulties in recent years can never be dropped from the F1 calendar.

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Ferrari’s team boss confirms the special nature of Monza stating, “The Italian Grand Prix [in Monza]  is special for all Italian teams, particularly so for us and I believe it is also for Formula 1 in general.”

Charles LeClerc won the race in 2019 and the Suceria are introducing a new skinny rear wing configuration for Monza in an attempt to make them more competitive with Red Bull Racing.

The team hopes to deliver the first victory for its home supporters since Charles Leclerc won the race three years ago.

“One of the reasons all the teams like coming here is the fans. The Tifosi are demanding and knowledgeable,” says Binotto.



“They can also be wild and, personally, I will never forget witnessing the track invasion from the pit wall after Charles won here in 2019. They give you all their love, they support you even when things aren’t going your way and so they push you to do better and better.

“Seeing them rush to stand under the podium is a really special emotion and this weekend, we will be doing our utmost to give them the result they want.”

The Maranello’s predominantly red outfits at the track will be replaced with Yellow uniforms. Clearly the budget cap isn’t too tight as Ferrari can afford this.

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However, the Italian media and the Tifosi so far have been understanding over the somewhat chaotic performance of Ferrari this year. If they are beaten fair and square by Red Bull Racing this coming weekend, the unrest will remain abated.

Yet if Ferrari cock up pitstops and deliver bizarre strategies it is likely the press and fans will turn on the team because they are failing to learn form their cou0ntless mistakers at the race track this season.

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