Sainz accuses Hamilton of being “dangerous”

Formula One is never without controversy and often Lewis Hamilton places him self front and centre in that respect. At the previous GP weekend Hamilton sliced into Fernando Alonso on lap one only to find himself unlike in Silverstone 2021 to be out of the race. Fernando’s heat of the moment response was “IDIOT”.

Lewis has spent most of the past 8 seasons racing from the from in an all dominant Mercedes car and there are questions about his ability to race in the midfield. Alonso alluded to this following Hamilton’s car mounting his resulting in a 45g impact for the Brit, “We had a mega start but this guy only knows how to drive and start in first.”

A week later and Hamilton is in the firing line from other drivers again.

The Zandvoort circuit has a number of blind turns over its undulating 2.526m and certain drivers have been notably dawdling on the racing line hidden by the crest of a rise.



Lewis Hamilton caught the wrath of his fellow competitors for driving slowly as Kevin Magnussen reported on team radio he’d surprisingly arrived upon a slow driving Hamilton.

“Hamilton [is] just right in the middle of the road,” said the Dane.

Charles Leclerc was behind Magnussen and reported to Ferrari ““Lewis is very slow everywhere.”

The Mick Schumacher then had to adjust quickly and slow through turn 8 because of the slow moving Hamilton before Carlos Sainz also arrived on the scene.

“What he [Hamilton] just did is very dangerous,” a frustrated Sainz reported to the team.

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The Sky commentary team waded into the debate in FP3 as Karma hit Hamilton. He arrived on his quick lap at turn 8 only to find Yuki Tsunodo crawling around on the racing line which ruined Lewis’ lap.

Karun Chanhock commented, “I was talking to Emanuele Pirro, the driver steward, saying ‘why isn’t there a clear line to everybody [the drivers] from turn 85 – the kink before you go uphill – to turn 8 you cannot go slowly in that section on the racing line’”.

Pirro apparently replied it was to be discussed at the drivers’ briefing, but there were no references in the race directors event notes other than warning the drivers not to drive slowly through 11 to 13 – through a chicane and before the start of the banking.

Di Resta added, “the responsibility should fall on the team swell as the driver”.



David Croft suggested the drivers be told not to drive any slow laps but Chandhok countered “That’s unrealistic because of the tyre situation [the tyres have to be allowed to cool down between flying laps].”

“Just in that high speed blind section from turn 5 to the exit of turn 9, don’t dawdle on the racing line” emphasised the Indian commentator.

Di Resta introduced an idea, “I’m sure if they [race director] said we’re going to dock you 5 minutes from Q1 in qualifying if you impede somebody in practice, “ the problem would disappear.

The idea is borrowed from the WEC where drivers lose practice time if they are sanctioned by race control for impeding others or deemed to be driving dangerously.

No action was taken by the stewards for any of the shenanigans during the practice sessions in Zandvoort. Thought maybe more creative penalties for the drivers and teams should be considered by the FIA.

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8 responses to “Sainz accuses Hamilton of being “dangerous”

  1. There never is any penalties in fp1/2/3 for driving slowly, unless they do something really stupid.
    Qualifying and the race would be different though, I guess.
    To be honest I think Alonso is correct Hamilton is only used to racing at the front.

  2. He had a problem with his radio. The team weren’t able to inform him of traffic. Surprisingly you happened to miss that piece of info out.

  3. I think they sould all stop making there mouth go, and leave Lewis be god sake you would all think that you never did the rong thing on the track, so stop blaming people because thing dont go your way all the time.

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