Porsche & Audi reject the big rumour

Audi and Porsche reject a report on decision for Formula 1 entry. The VAG (Volkswagen Audi Group) manufacturers have denied an article in the German press that they have allegedly already decided to enter Formula 1.

“We do not comment on rumours,” a spokesman for Audi told the Deutsche Presse-Agentur on Friday when asked. A Porsche spokesman said, “We welcome the decisions of Fia on the future regulations of Formula 1 from 2026. Further details about a possible entry of Porsche into Formula 1 will be announced at a given time.”  in a non-commital statement.



According to information from RTL/ntv, a Formula 1 entry by Audi and Porsche has reportedly already been decided. According to the report, the motor sport’s pinnacle catagory would receive two prominent new entrants from 2026. A source was not named by the German media giant.

On Tuesday, the Fia World Motor Sport Council adopted the new engine regulations that will apply from 2026. This was cited by Volkswagen subsidiaries Audi and Porsche as a prerequisite for a possible entry into Formula 1.


Rumours about a future start of the two manufacturers have been around for a long time. After the Formula 1 summer break, racing will resume at Spa at the end of August and no doubt paddock whispers will resume on the topic.

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  3. “have denied an article in the German press”

    “We do not comment on rumours”

    I mean, the VAG mistake is just embarrassing, but maybe you also want to tell the intern who obviously wrote this piece that “denying” and “not commenting” are NOT the same thing 🤦‍♂️

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