Time fast running out for Audi & Porsche

Formula 1 is waiting for Porsche and Audi: it is finally clear what exactly the engines will look like from 2026 onwards, and now the two premium brands can decide whether to enter but the clock is ticking with a decision being required in just a little over two weeks.

For Porsche and Audi, the way is open, and now they have to step on the accelerator: After months of wrangling, the future Formula 1 engine regulations are finally official and the two premium German brands can now make their entry from 2026 official – and have a little more than two weeks to do so.

On Tuesday evening, the FIA confirmed the regulations that lay down the technical and economic framework for the new hybrid powertrains. The World Motor Sport Council had met, and with the decision Porsche and Audi now have 15 days to make a firm commitment.


Porsche is likely to enter into a cooperation with the top team Red Bull. There is even speculation that the German company will take over 50 per cent of the shares in the racing team of world champion Max Verstappen, this website published details on the deal which isn’t quite as clear cut as it seems.

Red Bull’s team boss Christian Horner, however, announced a few weeks ago that the process would be a “lengthy one” and would not end when the future regulations were finalised.


As soon as the rules are official, “we can have further talks with Porsche”, Horner said on the sidelines of the Hungarian Grand Prix. This would be done thoroughly: “The most important thing is: are the new rules attractive enough for companies like Porsche or Audi.”



While the links between Porsche and Red Bull have been an open secret for quite a while, the possible path for group sister Audi is much less clear. For the Ingolstadt company in particular, time is pressing. Porsche would find a ready-made, brand-new engine infrastructure at Red Bull, whereas Audi wants to design the engine itself.


Formula 1: Engines to become cheaper

Both VW brands had long since expressed their basic interest in joining, but an official announcement always depended on the final agreement on the regulations. In recent months, this has been postponed again and again, with Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault, the manufacturers currently active in Formula 1, fighting for their interests in comparison with possible newcomers.

The engines from the 2026 season onwards should be cheaper, more relevant for series production and more sustainable, which was also the prerequisite formulated by Porsche and Audi. Part of the energy recovery system, the heat converter MGU-H, will be omitted in the future.


The electric motor will nevertheless have greater significance; for the first time it will deliver the same power as the V6 engine – a total of more than 1000 hp is to be achieved. In addition, Formula 1 has announced synthetic, 100 per cent sustainable fuel.




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