Leclerc issues an unexpected warning to Verstappen

The Monegasque driver is confident of his chances of dethroning Max Verstappen as the Ferrari driver issues a stark, and perhaps an unexpected warning to Red Bull’s Max Verstappen that he can still win this title.

“Maybe people will think I’m crazy, but when I look at the statistics, I think I have to win every race if Max finishes second every time… I saw that on Twitter!

“If he doesn’t have all the best laps in the race we can win the championship! I guess I just have to win all the races, even if it’s not going to be easy!

“But that’s the mentality we have to have, because otherwise it’s better to stay at home. What motivates me in Formula 1 is simply to win, so I will believe in this world championship title until the end,” said Leclerc.

After dominating the second free practice session, Charles Leclerc is adamant that he can overtake Max Verstappen.

“I think we now have the pace to win the championship. We just need to put everything in place. Reliability has been a problem this year, let’s not hide from it, and we lost a lot of points because of that, but we are trying to improve,” continued the Ferrari driver. But Verstappen’s hunter is still wary of problems that could jeopardise his championship comeback.



The Scuderia has been able to show its superiority over Red Bull this season, but has been plagued by problems. The Italian team’s laughable strategic errors, a number of off-track accidents, but also breakdowns. Leclerc is therefore wary of the next disaster that could hit his team.

“Let’s hope that if we don’t have any more problems by the end of this year, things will still be possible. In any case, as far as I’m concerned, I remain positive. If we win all the races, we can still win this title”, explains the Monegasque.


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  1. Hey Charles if Team Ferrari can’t get it together then you will probably be screaming and jumping up and down for the rest of 2022. Ferrari has a track record of screwing things up. They need to clean house and get people in that can call the shots. They love to shoot themselves in the foot!

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