Highlighting racism in F1 doesn’t help the cause

The 2022 Formula One race on Austria was marred by reports of fans being abused by racist and homophobic comments from others attending the race weekend. Lewis Hamilton chose to highlight an alleged global racist agenda following the death in the USA of George Ford by caused by a USA police officer.

Yet the question we should be asking is whether highlighting the occasional small one off incidents of abuse actually helps the cause of stamping it out.

Clearly the incidents of abuse in F1 are numerically insignificant but raising the attention of the billion plus F1 global audience to these matters escalates them completely out of context. Further it gives a platform to the extreme minority to have their say and have it broadcast around the world when in reality abusers are an extreme minority in society.

In what some may see as an unfortunate societal development attitudes have changed over the past 50 years. When this writer was brought up we were taught to be colour blind and abuse from whatever quarter was deemed to be a display of weakness, immaturity and insecurity on the part of the abuser.

Now despite the fact that the UK demographic is over 90% white the TV advertisements of national brands portray the ‘reality’ that most families are of mixed race. Whilst untrue this clearly gives a platform for the minority with racist attitudes to ‘rage against the machine’.



Sky F1 Tv’s introduction this year of Naomi Schiff smacks of tokenism. A black female presenter ticks all the diversity programme boxes.

Yet is she there on merit and skill as a presenter?

The answer has to be arguably no.

Schiff’s claim to fame is winning the Clio cup club China series in 2014 together with finishing 16th in the ladies W series championship in 2014.

Like Sky’s Johnny Herbert, she is the master of the soundbite and stating the obvious and from this writer’s perspective only employed as part of Sky’s diversity press.

Does this help with driving anti racist and misogynistic attitudes?

Or does it ram diversity acceptance morality down peoples throats?



For most of us we accept the TV presenters agenda wishing they would just do better, but for those who are inclined toward racial and misogynistic behaviour the abnormal promotion of minorities above their capability creates an opportunity for them to spread their views.

Formula One is in effect a UK based sport with 7 of the 10 teams based in England.

So why should we expect more than 1 non-white driver amongst the 20 in F1 given the UK population demographics. It’s not a racial denial of entry issue, its just mathematics.

Clearly the United States of America is a different kettle of fish given its non white demographic percentage. But importing their racial issues into F1 clearly doesn’t stack up with the European fans.

Maybe we should just accept in life there are bullies and people who are not nice. My father taught me, “Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me”

Obsessing over the incredibly small minority attitude we find unacceptable just gives them a platform for their warped message.

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4 responses to “Highlighting racism in F1 doesn’t help the cause

  1. Maybe the drivers should do what they are paid for and drive the cars rather than imposing their silly views on others. I do not follow F1 to understand Hamiltons views, I dont care what they are ….just do your darn job and drive the car Mr Hamilton….especially now that you dont have the fastest and most superior car after the last 25 years….now you need to show your driving skills or lack of.

    • Let me get this right an article is written wondering whether bringing up one off incidents is worth it in the ultimate fight against racism and your reply is to hate on Hamilton???? And then you uave w other guys giving you a thumbs up too??? Sad very sad , also maybe worth you to stop hating , smh

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