Former F1 driver hot tip for this 2022 championship

Former Formula One driver Mark Webber believes Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen will dominate the rest of the 2022 campaign as the ex Red Bull driver gives his hot tip for this year’s title championship battle.

After the first nine rounds of the 2022 season, Red Bull has already won seven Grands Prix, while Max Verstappen has already stood on the top step of the podium six times, while his teammate Sergio Perez won the Monaco Grand Prix. The two Red Bull drivers currently occupy the top two places in the world championship, with Max Verstappen leading the way by 46 points over team-mate Perez. In the constructors’ championship, the Red Bull team also has a comfortable lead over Ferrari, which it leads by 76 points.


Mark Webber FORMULA 1 - Hungarian GP

Given this situation, Mark Webber – who has raced for Red Bull in the past – believes that his former team will continue to dominate as the season progresses:

“Red Bull will continue to dominate this championship,” said the Australian, quoted by The Guardian.

“They have a car that is very good on downforce with all types of tyres. It’s a bit like a tennis player being good on all surfaces or a golfer being good on all holes, short, long, chipping, putting, driving, the Red Bull can do it all.

“I also know that deep down they like it hot, they like to perform under pressure, and strategically they are brave. They’re pretty free, even with the trophy cabinet they have. Give them a job and they’ll be fine.”



Although Sergio Perez is Max Verstappen’s closest rival for the world championship, Mark Webber believes the Mexican will gradually fall behind the Dutchman over the course of the season:

“I like Sergio a lot, but over the course of the season as time goes on, Max will just find a way to start collecting more and more big points.”

“In Azerbaijan, it was a very clear win for Max, and then in Canada, it was rainy, dry, cold, it was tricky, but Max was phenomenal all weekend.”




7 responses to “Former F1 driver hot tip for this 2022 championship

  1. I think Mister Ecclestone is not only totally off-base about the respect that Lewis and Wolff have for each other. I bet it’s either sour grapes of Ecclestone because he’s no longer the top dog.. or, Heaven forbid, he’s gone a bit senile.

  2. I don’t mind if RB is dominant for 1 season. I can even swallow two. But please no more. After 7 years MB… never has so few, ruined so much, for so many 😇

    • Anyone is welcome – be it Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren, Williams…. anyone except MB. Toto and Hammy have left a bad taste in the mouth with their antics, shenanigans, gamesmanship, lying, unfair play, twisting FIA to suit their ends, politics, gutter statements ……
      I only feel sorry for George Russell. Now the poor chap is going to be punished for being better than the fake 7-times chump. If Toto and Homilton leave the scene and Russell in MB becomes competitive, that would be great.

      • Spot on! Russell was already given slicks last time out so that the hamster can beat him in Q3. Pretty pathetic Toto. No wonder MB Deutschland got rid of their shares in Toto’s outfit.

        • In Fairness it was Russel call, going all out for a better finish, brave call that just didn’t work, but it was worth the try. All he was really doing was giving up one place to Ham as the mercs have the measure of everyone apart from the bulls and Ferrari. But your right Russel handed the place to Ham. I’m not buying that at every race the two cars have completely different setups, maybe for one or two at start, but not all, merc mechanics aren’t that clueless… Russel is just better this year, making braver calls and pushing all the time. Still don’t like at how mercs are consuming themselves… pushing for change of rules because they are as good is not good sports, maybe just do a better job like they were saying to their competitors for last 8 years… Changing rules though, come on…

  3. What about bringing that female driven into the Mercedes team you know who I mean

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