‘Deeply dissatisfied’ – F1 owners set to ditch FIA?

F1 owners ‘deeply dissatisfied’ with FIA after Monaco chaos and Lewis Hamilton criticism – Formula One’s owners are “deeply unhappy” with the sport’s governing body, the FIA, after a series of controversial decisions at the Monaco Grand Prix.

The start of the event in Monte Carlo was delayed due to rain, but race director Eduardo Freitas was criticised for taking the stance, including seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton, who was angry at the delay.

“I don’t know why they didn’t send us out. We are Formula One drivers; [the weather] is not a good enough reason,” the Mercedes driver explained after the race.

And it seems the drivers are not alone in their frustration, as the Guardian reports that Liberty Media is concerned that the FIA is damaging Formula One’s image, while at the same time it is enjoying a popularity boost following the success of Netflix’s Drive to Survive series.


A turbulent relationship has developed between F1 and the FIA following Mohammed Ben Sulayem’s takeover of the FIA in December, with differences in approach apparent when the governing body did not ban Russian drivers from racing as long as they were under a neutral flag F1 and other regional motorsport bodies have severed all ties with the Russian state.

In addition, the investigation into the sequence of events at last season’s highly controversial finale in Abu Dhabi, where Max Verstappen was eventually crowned champion, was deemed “deeply unsatisfactory” and “did not address exactly” what happened.

More recently, Ben Sulaymen has deferred approval of the increase in sprint races in 2023 despite unanimous agreement within F1, while the FIA has gone to war with Hamilton for imposing strict jewellery regulations on drivers that many believe are completely unnecessary.


In Miami, Formula One’s new flagship, Alpine’s Esteban Ocon was scathing in his assessment of the officials after requests to implement a Tecpro barrier in place of the concrete one that saw him and Carlos Sainz crash were ignored – while teammate Fernando Alonso was also critical after receiving penalties in the race.

This has ultimately led to questions about whether the FIA’s authority in F1 should be diminished, especially as the FIA’s budget is almost entirely dependent on F1 revenue, and it is understood that alternative options are being explored.

However, the complete removal of the FIA is unlikely and any change is expected to result in the FIA’s role being ceremonial and F1 managing itself.




11 responses to “‘Deeply dissatisfied’ – F1 owners set to ditch FIA?

  1. They can’t because they don’t have the necessary know-how on sporting & technical rules, especially the latter. Otherwise, easier said than done generally.

  2. I’m not sure but aren’t they the actual rights holder of F1? FOM under Bernie have FIA 100 million for a 100 year lease I remember. So I think FIA can ditch FOM / liberty but not the other way around

  3. The FIA should have been scrapped many years ago. Back in the days before the little French dictator took over. I have been involved in Motorsport for the past 50 years, much at the grassroots level but still controlled in some way by FIA. Well past time for something new and improved.

  4. Am sure any contact on paper can be scrapped. As they say a contract is not worth the paper it’s written on. And all F1 has to do is use the same tracks which they pay for not the FIA. All the FIA do is have rules which they don’t abide by and since the new guy took over he has petty things that have annoyed the teams and drivers. Maybe it’s how they do things in Arab countries, not in the test of the world. So am sure if F1 drop FIA they can easier than we all think. Have their rules altered to satisfy the teams and drivers etc. After all it’s F1 that pay for everything, tracks, stewards and Liberty can still manage the sport without the FIA. It will not be he first sport to form a break away.

  5. After the 2021 debacle the FIA should have been overruled and Lewis given his right full 8th world title. In my book Lewis has won 8 titles which Max should recognise and hand back the 2021 title

    • Lots of readers, that book of yours? Filed under ‘fiction’ in the library I guess?

    • What are you smoking? I want some. Hamilton don’t deserve an 8th title. The fact he has 7 and tied with Michael Schumacher makes me sick.

      • This season proves that HAM isn’t fit to lick the boots of MSC…needs it served on a plate as opposed to being a sheer force of personality to drag Ferrari from lovers to winners…

  6. Why are LH fans unhappy with FIA ? Wasn’t it the reason Mercedes was given 8 consecutive Constructor’s championsips on a silver platter ? Funny what a short memory some have, including LH himself. Max raced the crap out of him with a car that was deemed 0.5 seconds slower as an overall in 2021. Toto himself admitted that. What LH should do now is admit his real racing level and start focusing on how to race people like Gasly. He’s definately not Max, Lamdo or Goerge level.

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