Sainz blamed for loss of Monaco win for Ferrari

Carlos Sainz has become the ideal scapegoat according to the Italian press, a certain section of the media in Italy, including the well renowned journalist Leo Turrini, one of the most prominent writers at the moment, believes that the fiasco that led to Charles Leclerc losing all the benefit of his pole position at the Monaco Grand Prix is mainly due to the Spaniard, and not Ferrari.

According to Leo Turrini Ferrari seem quite blameless for the Monaco Grand Prix fiasco, and actually, Ferrari ‘number 2’ driver Carlos Sainz Jr desire to win at all costs created the situation that denied Leclerc certain victory:

“The team asked him to cover Charles’ rear to give him the opportunity to build up a sufficient advantage. He had to follow exactly the same strategy as Sergio Perez.” says Turrini,

“And he refused, because he wanted to win the race himself.”


Perhaps a rather one sided viewpoint, and somewhat ignoring the appalling strategy calls made by the Ferrari pit wall during the Monaco race. But Turini is convinced saying:

As a human being, his desire is completely understandable. Every driver sees his team-mate as his main rival,

“But here we have to call a spade a spade. Acting as he did, Carlos ruined Charles’ race.

“It’s a shame to lose like that. Charles deserved to win, and no one had the right to deprive him of that joy.”



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    • Races need to be wone on the track not in pit stops, it’s the contrived rules of F1 that’s at fault not the drives

      • Turini comments are easy to explain, he is French and he is a renowned commentator because his readers are French too. So there you go.
        It is sad that no one can accept that the other team (in this case Red Bull) had a better strategy and that is why they got better position after the stops.
        Smart people take responsibility for their actions and decisions, they use the experience to learn something. Stupid people blame everyone else and they have to find a scapegoat always, the worst part, they never learn anything.
        Sorry Ferrari, the other team was better than you.

  1. Sainz had always been selfish. It’s just not been called out till now by anyone.

  2. Well well well. Earlier, Verstappen’s father threw Perez under the bus because, according to him, he compromised Verstappen’s race. So we watched an episode of the No. 2 Riders Strikes Back on Sunday.

  3. If Reclerc deserved to win he wouldn’t need Sainz to slow down everyone else to win and he would win on his own accord. If he actually needed Sainz to slow down the others to win then he didn’t deserve to win.

  4. Nope, Perez would have won anyways, the inter stint was so good for him, Leclerc was behind Sainz when he got into the pits that mean it was behind him in race too. Maybe if they call him a few laps before he could get second place. Carlos was just better this race and smart too congrats to him

    • Teammates my ass
      When Max won the championship last year did Perez get any of the money or any of the praises????????
      I dont think so!!!!!!!!!
      So dont call it a team sport cuz it is not!!!!!!!!!

      • Ánd you know this because… you have insight in contracts? Bonuses? Or are you just talking from the back of your neck?

      • You mean when Morally Bankrupt and corrupt Whiteman STOLE the championship from a Blackman and hand it on a platter to a White Boy Verstappen?

        • Thats not helpful to any discussion, look deep within yourself, and try remove that bitter behavior. You are only filling your heart with hatred for the next generation to imitate, what is the point? There is no gain here, you are part of the problem not the solution. Why is it even a factor? Find some class. Nothing better to argue with? Keep quiet.

  5. Don’t know what the fuzz is about? Leo Turrini is 100% correct, because the moment Carlos decided not to follow team orders, he jeopardised the Ferrari win.

    As track position is everything in Monaco, Carlos ensured that the winner would be decided by pitstops, the rainy conditions, luck etc. Not saying he is not a very talented driver, just that he did not have Scuderia Ferrari or the tifosi’s interests at heart.

    • What the fuck does Turrini know!!!!!!
      I have never seen his ass in a F1 car
      Fucking armchair quarterback!!!!!!!
      Number 1 writer of fiction and FAIRY tales

  6. Well it’s called racing after all. That’s what you do, race. It’s a pity that teams have #1&2. Then we would see more of Webber and Vettel style racing. Hamilton and Rosberg was a good era as well. Just shows with red bull having Max and leclerc for Ferrari. They are doing the same as what their fans called Hamilton out on.

  7. I think it was actually Vettel is to blame??? Remember this is Ferrari. As Enzo (may he rest in peace) always said; “There is nothing wrong with Ferrari, it is always the drivers fault”.

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