Verstappen Flames Red Bull for Perez winning

Max Verstappen’s father Jos Verstappen has expressed his displeasure that Red Bull Racing helped Sergio Perez at the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday rather than his son, the current Formula One world championship leader. In fact the elder Verstappen flames the team about it.

In Monaco, Red Bull deployed a very aggressive strategy against Ferrari which allowed Sergio Perez to take the lead of the F1 race when Scuderia Ferrari got bogged down with a haphazard strategy, causing its driver Charles Leclerc to lose the lead of the Grand Prix and eventually finish fourth in his home race.


World championship leader Max Verstappen managed to finish third on the podium on Sunday, but according to his father, the Dutchman was not helped enough by his team:

“Red Bull got a good result, but at the same time had little influence to help Max take the lead,” the former F1 driver lamented in a column published on Max Verstappen’s official website.

“The fact that he finished third is due to Ferrari’s mistake during Charles Leclerc’s second stop. In that sense, the championship leader Max was not helped by the strategy he chose. It went completely in Checo’s [Perez] favour.

“That disappointed me and I wish it had been different for the championship leader…”


The Dutchman goes on to explain his feelings saying:

“Perez won the race because of the previous pit stop. Maybe the team can explain it as a gamble, but they had already seen, for example with Gasly, that Intermediates were the best option at that time.

“I wish they had done the same with Max, but of course I’m not objective at all. I think ten points for Max have been thrown away, and with the two retirements we’ve had [Bahrain and Australia], we need every point.

“We mustn’t forget that Ferrari currently have a better car, especially in qualifying. Max was also unlucky during qualifying, because on his last run he was clearly faster and on his way to second place until Perez crashed. Everything would have been different then.

“Apart from that I am happy for Checo, winning in Monaco is of course something special and I hope he will like it. Now it’s full focus on the next races in Baku and Canada.”

After the Monaco Grand Prix, Max Verstappen still leads the World Championship by nine points over Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc. But certainly Sergio Perez should now be considered a real title contender.




36 responses to “Verstappen Flames Red Bull for Perez winning

  1. Was he so vocal about Checo’s win being screwed last week in favour of Max I wonder !! By my reckoning without team orders last week Checo would be on 118 points and Max would be on 117 points !!

    • Verstappan senior should not poke his nose on every single matter where his son does not finish ahead of the team mate…. Perez was robbed in Barcelona by team orders… Perez won in Monaco by strategy… This old men don’t account to wisdom if they don’t know when to shut up…

  2. Verstappens are such whiners he hasn’t really won anything yet gifted world title everyone knows he didn’t deserve and last race he came first was given to him

  3. He was gifted the title last year and now expects the same both of them need to get over the fact that baby bull can be out driven sometimes LOL

    • He stole the title by unfair means last year he will never be champion 🏆 in my mind d Lewis is . Max is so arrogant he dosnt deserve to win perez drove an amazing clean race so it was the right result

  4. Typical Vestappen snr he was no good as a driver and his son ain’t much better.

  5. OMG….is there no end to this families vanity???! MV was second best over the weekend, end of story

  6. Why dom’t these past ‘has beens’ keep their mouths shut and let teams and drivers get on with the job of driving?

  7. Only six races into the season so championship is still available for most drivers! Checo was unfairly treated in last race with team orders to let Max by…. I mean does Max think he is entitled to win the championship because he was given it (just as Lewis had nine fingers on it) last season , all for TV coverage… The Verstappens need a reality check and also learn to be humble in defeat. He certainly isn’t humble in victory.

  8. It is comments like these by the elder Verstappen that cause undue friction within a team and their drivers…he should just keep these to himself. He forgets what a good team mate can do for each other.

  9. Total karma for Perez after being shafted in Spain ..
    Daddy V reminds me of one of those over zealous parents shouting the odds at a kiddies football match when a decision goes against their little darling us all a favour and just disappear into the background where you belong

  10. I thought perez deserved the win quick all weekend. Any way to early for team orders. He has much chance to win championship than max . Jos moaning about it .

  11. Let’s start with stating that Jos’ remarks can indeed be perceived as a bit vicious. Especially if you’re a Perez fan. But also keep in mind he reacts as a father, doing everything for his son.
    Second, Jos is Jos, not Max so please don’t extend your criticism to Max or generalize it to the whole family. And last…. teamorders are not so strange. I heard none of the above protest to the countless times Bottas had to make way for Hamilton. So please don’t be a hypocrite. Until proven differently (and not over one single race), Max is the better driver and has the best chances of becoming wdc, So the team works for him. No need to get so angry over it. If Sergio keeps besting Max over several races, the tide will change. It’s not in the teams interest to have their drivers fight eachother. Thats way to risky a third will take the win.

    • All good points, however the context re’ Lewis and Valtteri should be considered – Lewis was invariably 2 or 3 race wins in points ahead by that point 😉

      • If that was the case, than why did he still needed Bottas to let him pass…. Better give Valteri a win then

  12. Jo’s should stop interfering in his son’s career as a racing driver if his team mate is better on that day so be it this goes to Horner as well

  13. So it’s not Max, it’s his father that has an issue and they grabbed a photo from 2019. Stop creating fake over inflated hype!!

  14. This proves that driver win is decided by team. On grid all drivers are good. So max don’t yaap about your wins it’s red bull team will decide finally. Checko is good proven driver who has the ability to manage car and tyre.

  15. Max is any ways a crash driver, position the car in such places that is bound to crash. If he is in mid field or when was in mid field was a crash driver. He knows to drive fast and attack. Checko Perez has real skills we have seen in last few years. Now that Perez has the car. And if red bull will then checko can be a champion

  16. Your not the only father with a son in F1. Be grateful and happy for the team. Maybe its time to let your son speak for himself. Some fathers just never let their son grow up..

  17. If he keeps moaning, RB will get fed up and choose Perez. Considering that any team mate of Verstappen has had second best treatment. Perez did well in the last race and robbed in the previous one. Hopefully he can go on from here and we see a Mexican champion. After all it’s a world championship but in the last 2 decades it’s been GB, Germany domination.

  18. Like Son – like Father (as opposed to the other way round) – it is sick making that MV was given a big helping hand in his first championship win – in Spain last week his team contrived an artificial win for MV – now his father is crying foul because yet another contrived intervention was not made to happen in favour of his son who was beaten by a better driver. I would love to see who comes out on top is the remaining races are run fairly. Makes me sick watching so many outcomes being twisted in favour of a self deserving white boy from Holland who cannot win fairly!!!

    If MV wins a second championship – let’s hope it is done fairly!!

    • Momo,why get the race card out again ,mate ,Barcelona were team orders ,Monaco were also team orders Red Bull didn’t want to take the chance to loose p1 to Sainse simple
      By the way never heard Max complaining ,that was Verstappen SNR

  19. Teams attitude follows their leader. Helmet Marko. Entitled, whining, arrogant. Didn’t do all this moaning when they were the top team. Given a manufactured title, FIA said Massey made a mistake, but still let Red Bull keep the title. Farce.

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