“Perez driving style better than Max”

It was Sergio Pérez and not world champion Max Verstappen who was able to beat Ferrari at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco. F1 expert Ralf Schumacher therefore currently sees a three-way fight at the top.

After a strong race weekend in the Principality, Sergio Pérez has made an impressive statement in the fight for the Formula 1 world championship title. With 110 points, he is close on the heels of Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc (116). Red Bull team-mate Max Verstappen is in first place with 125 points.

“So there is even a three-way fight for the world championship title,” writes Ralf Schumacher in his “Sky” column, although he remains sceptical “that Sergio will ultimately show the consistency that a Max Verstappen has”.


In Monaco, however, the Mexican was the better Red Bull driver on all days, according to the ex-driver. Therefore, the Dutchman could even learn from Pérez: “Max should take this as an opportunity to learn a few things from his team-mate. Max has a very aggressive driving style. He got along very well with the heavier cars in the past. The new concept of the cars, on the other hand, suits Sergio more.”

Pérez’s strength in conserving tyres helps him to “get more out of the car”.

“That’s why Max should try to adapt Sergio’s driving style in certain sections of the track and go into one or two corners a bit slower.”



6 responses to ““Perez driving style better than Max”

  1. Fantastic drive from a considered, mature, and tactically astute driver – well done Chico!!! I do hope that Red Bull and the FIA stewards do not contrive event’s before the end of the season – that give the championship to the undeserving white boy!!!

  2. Don’t forget Carlos is in a pretty fast car, too. And if Mercedes can get George a car, it could be 5.

  3. “Perez driving style better than Max” …In this car, on this track, this weekend … yes.

  4. Or in the last race – where he was leading and would have won – had it not been for the fact that he was ordered to give up his place to MV – who would not have won on his own merits – different tracks – different conditions – needing different skills and strategies.

  5. Time to pipe down there, “MO MO”……”undeserving white boy”???? What sort of comment is that supposed to be? Looks you can’t take the racism out of racing, “DH”……

    • Don’t know if you are trying to be funny or ironic or stupid – I put my money on stupid – just look around the makeup of F1 – do some stats – with your eyes open.

      This is getting boring – I am going to unsubscribe from this thread – have better things to do with my time – have a nice life.

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