Red Bull negotiations for Verstappen team mate next year

Since joining Red Bull Racing in 2021, Sergio Perez has provided the Austrian Formula 1 team’s management with ample grounds for optimism. The Mexican has confirmed that an extension is in the pipeline amid rumours of Gasly or Alonso taking the seat next to Max Verstappen.

Red Bull clearly made a good move for the 2021 F1 season when they signed Sergio Perez to replace Alexander Albon to race alongside Max Verstappen. The Mexican played an important role in the Dutchman’s success last season.

The 32-year-old driver is said to be satisfying his managers and while there has been talk of a promotion for Pierre Gasly at Red Bull or even the recruitment of Fernando Alonso recently, journalist Jenna Fryer has revealed that negotiations have begun for an extension for Sergio Pérez. This was confirmed by the team principal.

“Yes, we have started negotiations,” confirms Perez,

“But we are not in a hurry to conclude them in the near future. Wait a little bit more,” Sergio Perez revealed.

Rumour has it the Mexican requires a significant pay increase to remain at the team, something Red Bull racing has not usually been known to provide the second seat driver.


Paddock rumour is rife with several sources suggesting Fernando Alonso could be of interest to Red Bull for next year. Certainly, this is not without precedent, the Spaniard told of several discussions with Horner about joining Red Bull over the years.

And for Gasly, the French Red Bull driver has already issued Red Bull Racing an ultimatum that he will need to gain his promotion back to the senior team, or will move elsewhere.

“At the end of the day, I know what I can do, I know what I can achieve in Formula 1,” clarifies Gasly,

“At some point things will line up, but I can’t speak for Red Bull, it’s up to them,

“I have my own ambitions and they know I want to be world champion. They know who I am, they know who I am as a driver, they have seen me. I’ve been under contract with them for nine years, so they have some idea of my potential after all this time,”



3 responses to “Red Bull negotiations for Verstappen team mate next year

  1. Checo has been very loyal to RB, but if he gets to expensive, the talented Gasly and might be a better option. Alonso will only be a short term solution, although one season with Max might be something of a dream season. First time ever that RB will have two WC racing for them 😃

    • Checo deserves a proper increase after that 8 second hold up of Leiws last year. Only driver who has ever been able to actually give Hamilton a run for his money for passing. Gasly could never do that. And Checo is starting to outperform on qualifying as well. Thay would be dome not to give it to him and besides the amount of new races increased so off course he will ask for more. Verstappen did en RB said there is no 2nd driver. They both equa.

  2. Surely Alonso would be more expensive than Perez though?

    And it was only a couple of weeks ago that Marko was talking down Perez – does he bear some kind of grudge for RBR management going outside of the young driver scheme?

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