Lewis Hamilton finally overcomes his rookie team mate

After a fairly tortuous weekend in the practice sessions, Lewis Hamilton has qualified P6 for the Miami GP and beaten his team mate and young pretender to his crown George Russell.

 In the final practice sessions the Mercedes cars were toward the bottom of the time sheets. But a reversion to the car setup of yesterday changed everything in qualifying.

Hamilton was quicker than Russell in Q1 and Q2, with George failing to make the cut for the final qualifying top ten shootout.

He made a mistake on his first run and had to abort, then Russell posted a time good enough for the top ten, but lost time in turning around the car for fresh tyres and his final run.

In many ways it’s only to be expected he makes mistakes like this as he learns what it is like to drive for a top team. Russell will be up against it to catch his team mate in the race tomorrow and this buys Lewis some breathing space and hopefully a confidence builder after his equal worst start to an F1 season since he joined the sport.

7 responses to “Lewis Hamilton finally overcomes his rookie team mate

  1. “but lost time in turning around the car for fresh tyres” … He had no control over that, sounds to me like the team held him back so he wouldn’t beat LH again

    • Why doesn’t everyone leave all their comments to themselves and consentrate on the racing. There is too much “back biting” these days. F1 us going downhill fast now with continual regulation changes, pit stops & compulsary tyre changes. Let’s go back to the days when drivers got in their cars and raced to the finish. ??

      • Errr. how long have you been watching the sport???
        Reg’s changes were every couple of years in the 80’s and 90’s, and that’s why no single team ever won 8 consecutive titles

  2. So this is Russell’s 4th Season in F1 and his 64th Grand Prix and yet you so-called journalists are still calling him a rookie. The anti-Hamilton sentiment is so transparent that it’s quite frankly embarrassing.

    • He’s a Merc rookie. Context was clear. You are just being churlish…. Though you won’t know what that means

    • Whenever a goat is in serious decline – and doesn’t know when to quit – the entire media write about it

  3. He may have outqualified his current teammate but he couldn’t match his dumped former teammate: Valtteri beat him to fifth on the grid by 2 tenths.

    That deserved a mention.

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