Button disagrees with Wolff: “Mercedes is still the 3rd best car”

Toto Wolff was accused of ‘lying’ by his ex driver Nico Rosberg following his chequered flag comments over the pit radio to Lewis Hamilton. The Austrian team boss apologised to Hamilton, describing the Mercedes W13 as “undriveable”.

Hamilton has come under scrutiny given his relatively poor performance at the start of this season, being 3 places and 21 points behind George Russell.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Jenson Button said today, “There’s 14 drivers on the grid that would love to be driving that car,” which is why Hamilton is under media scrutiny and pressure.

Mercedes have brought updates to the W13 this weekend, but Toto Wolff has no idea whether they will work.

“Unfortunately, with no testing, every race weekend is a little bit of a live experiment,” bemoans the Austrian.

“You can’t replicate the bouncing that we see on track in the wind tunnel. And therefore, it’s like in the old days, it’s a little bit of trial and error, what does it actually do in real life?

“There will be tweaks on the car this weekend [in Miami] where we think we can get a direction. But the performance of the car, we won’t unlock it from one weekend to the other.” 

Wolff is still claiming the car is the real problem for Hamilton, but Jenson Button concludes, “It’s still the third best car out there and that just shows their dominance over the last ten years. They have the third best car and think it’s almost time to put it in the bin.”

4 responses to “Button disagrees with Wolff: “Mercedes is still the 3rd best car”

  1. When Hamilton was winning all his titles, it was because he was the best driver perhaps of all time. Now that he is not winning and behind first year Merc driver Russell, it’s because of the car. You can’t have it both ways. Hamilton is probably the 7th or 8th best driver perhaps of all time. The emperor has no clothes.

  2. How do you arrive at Hamilton being the 7th or 8th best driver on the grid? I was amused when Alonso said Hamilton’s success was all due to having the best car on the grid! Really? How does that explain the FACT that in his rookie year he beat a 2 time reigning world champion who was his team mate (therefore driving the same car & who happened to be Alonso)? He also missed the World Championship by one point!
    Hamilton is currently having problems with the car, but that does not take away from all his achievements. Let’s no try and rewrite history to suit what we want to believe.

    • And over three years he was beaten by the average Jenson Button – who got in his head

  3. Lewis did have the best combination on the grid be now it’s not and everybody is rushing to cover up the that he a brilliant driver be he is not the best

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