Perez hints at a threat Red Bull has over the grid

After some difficulties at the beginning of the F1 season, Red Bull Racing seems to have rectified the situation. For Sergio Perez, the Mexican hints that the Austrian team to ready to dominate the new era of Formula 1 just like Mercedes, a big threat to the grid.

In 2021, Red Bull succeeded in dethroning Mercedes in the Formula One drivers’ standings with the first win of Max Verstappen’s career following an intense rivalry with Lewis Hamilton. But this season, the Austrian team seems to have a new rival in Ferrari.

The Scuderia has taken full advantage of the new regulations that have come into force by starting the season in the best possible way, Imola aside. However, Red Bull has seemingly corrected its problems with its car, as Max Verstappen’s victory at Imola proved. And for Sergio Perez, his team is ready to dominate Formula 1, just as Mercedes did in the previous decade.


“Red Bull is ready to dominate the next few years with this new regulation,” threatens Perez,

Perez could be justified to be feeling positive about the future. The latest rumours pretty much confirming what was already known within the paddock; that Red Bull will be partnering with Porsche to stamp further authority on the sport. Further, Perez knows that the team has greenlit a huge investment with a full scale windtunnel.

“We still have a lot of problems to solve,” says Perez,

“But the main thing is that we are competitive and that Red Bull is ready to dominate the next few years with this new regulation. This season?



“We should be at the top of the drivers’ and constructors’ rankings. It was a difficult start but the team worked hard to keep up with Ferrari, we took points from them. We are in a season where we have to go on the attack and we are in the fight.

“The weekend at Imola was important, and the easiest thing was to make a mistake, as has happened with other drivers like [Charles] Leclerc,” said Sergio Perez




3 responses to “Perez hints at a threat Red Bull has over the grid

  1. I really don’t hope they will dominate for years. Winning every year would be great but only after great battle all season please. We know what domination does and it kills the sport. The Mercdes era was a boring desert.

  2. So Audi and Porsche are coming to F1 and everyone’s panicking, really?

    They’ve dominated WEC racing because they had no viable competition, F1 is a different animal.

    Mercedes have been allowed to dominate because Todt and the FIA were pathetic. How can competition be restricted with token spends for a number of years, not allowing anybody the chance to recover?

    It’s one thing engines being frozen till 2026, every manufacturer is affected the same, and they’ve known about this for years. Ferrari effectively wrote off 2020 & 2021 as they developed their PU.

    As to RBR dominating? They, like Mercedes, don’t have access to limitless money anymore. There’s a budget cap, there’s aero restrictions dependant on success, it will be a driver line up that will dominate not a manufacturer.

    Yes the VW group has dominated WEC racing for a couple of decades but that’s the sledgehammer cracking the nut. Porsche built a successful Tag engine in the mid 80’s but when Honda arrived they melted away. As for the Footwork Porsche combo, hmm less said about that the better, right?

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