Cost cap increase forced on FIA

A possible increase in Formula One’s cost cap will be on the agenda when the F1 Commission meets in London on Tuesday, an option seemingly becoming more of a requirement forced on the FIA by circumstances and certain teams.

Since last year, Formula One teams have been operating under a budget cap and could spend $145 million on a season in 2021, while this has been lowered to $140 million for this 2022 season. However, the current situation with the war in Ukraine means that some raw materials have seen a significant increase in price in recent weeks, making it more difficult for some teams to stay under the cost cap without compromising their car development.


Several teams on the grid have already lobbied for an increase in the cap or other forms of adjustment, although others have indicated that they are happy for the budget cap rules to remain unchanged over the course of the season. Further, certain teams who are struggling with overweight cars such as Mercedes and Red Bull are pushing for budgetary increases to help reduce mass.


Ross Brawn, Formula One’s sporting manager, said the issue would be on the agenda on Tuesday at the F1 Commission meeting in London.

“I think the increase in relation to inflation needs to be reviewed, because when the rules were made inflation was relatively low and predictable, whereas now it is high and unpredictable,” Brawn said at the weekend in Imola.

“If you look at the inflation rates that apply to industrial companies, just like the F1 teams, you have energy or raw materials. You have all these things that are quite expensive at the moment. So I think there is a solution that will come.”

During this F1 Commission, other topics will obviously be discussed, including the addition of several more Sprint races to the 2023 calendar in addition to the three already listed this year (Imola, Austria and Brazil).



2 responses to “Cost cap increase forced on FIA

  1. So what if teams have to compromise car development to stay within the cap. A poor excuse.
    Fred Vasseur is spot-on in that one can’t just increase as one pleases & increasing would go against the budget cap’s intention anyway.

  2. I don’t think even a huge increase in the budget cap can save MB this season with bad decisions leading to so much work to be done. It’s an awful time to be an MB supporter, my son is a Man Utd supporter so we are comforting each other.

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