Lewis Hamilton’s admission about the situation in Saudi Arabia

With a tricky weekend in Saudi Arabia for a bleak looking Formula 1 Grand Prix and beyond, Lewis Hamilton has made it clear he wants to put it behind him and return home as fast as possible.

On Friday evening, a lengthy four-hour meeting took place in Jeddah between the F1 drivers after an Aramco oil company site came under missile attack just a few miles from the circuit. However, during the meeting, Lewis Hamilton is said to have urged the other drivers to skip the Formula One Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in view of the threat.

A few hours later, after the green light had been given to continue the weekend’s competition as the majority of the drivers voted to proceed with the race, the Mercedes driver did not even finish Q1 and started the Grand Prix in 16th place. It is said that F1 owners Liberty Media and the team bosses put significant pressure on the drivers to continue with the race, threatening the reality that the Saudi officials might not allow them to leave the country if the GP was boycotted.


“I don’t feel anything special. I’m just looking forward to getting out of here”

“If I tried to get the drivers to boycott the race? I’m not here to comment on that,” says Hamilton,

“We work together as a group. We discussed it and made a decision. Everyone has expressed their personal thoughts. You know me, you can imagine the position I might have taken, but we made a final decision unanimously, within the GPDA,” Lewis Hamilton said,

“The drivers worked together as a group, we all discussed and made a decision for the sport. Me… I don’t feel anything special about it. I’m just looking forward to getting out of here.” assures Hamilton.

It is believed that today Hamilton is almost certainly going to start the race from the pits with Mercedes breaking parc ferme rules to change Hamiltons’ W13 F1 car to a more drivable setup.



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  1. Not starting the race would be very disputable. The drivers may feel not safe and can leave in their (private) jets. But what signal do they give the rest of their team that has to stay behind and pack all the stuff … ?
    Would be something like: ‘I don’t feel safe here and leave. Don’t give a damn about my team…’

    • Absolutely right. Hamilton’s attitude of entitlement comes through quite clearly.
      He was in no position to gain points in the race while his adversaries were well-poised to do so.
      He did not want them to gain that advantage. That was his main motivation. The rest is all spiel.
      He supplies proof every day how political and evil he is. Sir GEOAT!

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