Lewis Hamilton explains his ‘special relationship’ with George Russell

Lewis Hamilton explains why he has very good relationship with new teammate George Russell. George Russell has just joined Mercedes F1, but Lewis Hamilton has already given him his stamp of approval – The seven-time world champion has outlined the qualities of his new teammate.

After several years of driving alongside Valtteri Bottas, Lewis Hamilton will discover a new teammate: George Russell. The news came out last year towards the end of the season. With just a few days to go before the first Grand Prix of the year, the two Mercedes drivers are still getting to know each other. And to hear Lewis Hamilton tell it, their relationship is already on the up. 


“I think George has an incredible natural talent”

“He has integrated very easily into the team.” says Hamilton,

“It’s a bit like when we worked together in the engineering room at many races in the past, where he would sit behind me and watch everything I did. I think George has an incredible natural talent, and he’s very focused.

“So far he seems very genuine and he’s just focused on being the best asset to the team that he can be. That’s what I see so far. As I said, it’s nice for everyone in the team, it seems very cohesive and everyone is working, keeping their heads down and working collectively as a team,” reports Hamilton.



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  1. He was also always very complimentary about Bottas. Bottom line is… do whatever it takes to make me champion and shut up.

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