Works engine for Verstappen, manager reveals some details on Red Bull deal

Verstappen justifies his extension at Red Bull Racing – Max Verstappen has signed a new Formula 1 contract with Red Bull until 2028. The Dutchman’s manager justified his choice saying “Everything has been studied” as the team aims to secure a new engine partner long term.

For several days now, it has been announced that Max Verstappen would extend his contract with Red Bull. It was made official on Thursday, the Dutchman has signed a new contract until 2028. The story between Verstappen and Red Bull will therefore continue, seemingly to the delight of the world champion who confessed that “I really enjoy being part of Red Bull, so choosing to stay until 2028 was an easy decision.”


Max Verstappen’s manager, Raymond Vermeulen, spoke about the Red Bull driver’s extension until 2028, and reveals some hints about why the deal was done.

“That this extension happened was not unexpected. After the world title win we had very good, natural conversations with Red Bull. I went twice to Austria to see Helmut Marko and I went to see Max and Jos, with whom I also had good discussions.”

The manager then makes comments about the teams’ plans for the future and hints at why Verstappen chose to remain with the team for what must be a vast portion of his remaining Formula 1 career.

“The future of Red Bull, their plans look very good. When I see the fighting spirit in the team, it suits us perfectly, even for five years. Everything has been studied. Formula 1 is now entering a new period. So it’s not crazy at all to sign for the long term.” says Vermeulen.


It is long been understood that Red Bull has a desire to move, in the long term, away from the current pseudo inhouse Honda power unit once the new engine formula comes into force for 2026.

The new power units will retain the current 1.6-litre V6 engines, increase the electrical output to 350kW and eliminate the MGU-H component from the units. A new power unit cost cap will also come into effect in time for 2026. Advantaced talks with VW group, most likely Porsche will be a big factor in this decision for Verstappen.

“The vision has to go beyond the next five races. We know exactly what’s coming,” explains Vermeulen, and that will be a works engine deal.


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  1. Maybe a indicator the 2022 RBR could be a challenger if Max is willing to commit like this.

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